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Monolith-First Strategies: Proven DevOps Business Case

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The surprising truth about Hyperscale DevOps — “Distributed applications are inherently complex, therefore, choosing a microservices architecture over monolithic and other types of application architectures should only be done if the situation warrants it.”

Source: ProgrammableWeb

Business Cloud Voice Over IP Gains Momentum in 2016


Worldwide cloud VoIP private branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC) revenue totaled $4.7 billion in the first half of 2016 (H1 2016), growing 12 percent from a year ago (H1 2015).

Source: IHS Market

Security Software Revenue will Reach $7B in Western Europe


The security software market in Western Europe will reach $7 billion by 2020. The market passed the $5 billion mark in 2015 (the latest full year on record). These characteristics provide an opportunity to consider what has taken the market this far, and what will spur future growth.

Source: IDC

M2M Service Revenues will Reach $67 Billion by 2021

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Cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will reach 733 million globally by 2021, according to the latest worldwide study by Ovum. Moreover, they also have forecast that total cellular M2M service revenues will reach a global annual total of $67 billion in 2021.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Public Cloud Services Market will Reach $236 Billion in 2020

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Public cloud services are the biggest disruption in the tech market in the past 15 years — and adoption is accelerating. Revenue from public cloud platforms, business services and SaaS will grow at a 22% CAGR reaching $236 billion, which is 23% higher than the previous forecast.

Source: Forrester

Why the Internet of Things will Drive Most 5G Use Cases

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A variety of industries will drive new Internet of Things (IoT) related applications, and consequently 5G networks should be designed to enable vast IoT device connectivity.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Global SaaS Cloud Growth Driven by ERP and Collaboration

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The worldwide enterprise SaaS market grew 33 percent year-on-year to reach well over $11 billion in quarterly revenues. While not the largest segment, ERP grew the most rapidly achieving 49 percent growth, while the largest segment, collaboration, grew by 37 percent.

Source: Synergy Research Group