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Why More Marketers Seek Better Omni-Channel Solutions

Marketers are still struggling to integrate customer data, and in March 2015 polling by Signal, just 6% worldwide said they had a single view of all customers and prospects across devices and touchpoints, while one-third had nothing in place.

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Demand for Big Data Apps in Fitness and Healthcare Markets

Big Data Apps in Fitness and Healthcare

The introduction of open-source cloud computing services has helped to drive the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling new forms of wireless digital devices that are able to both send and receive data that’s stored online.

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How Multi-Channel Marketing Drives Digital Banking Growth

Retail Banking

The future is (finally) digital for banks. Among banking executives polled worldwide in December 2014 by the Economist Intelligence Unit, implementing a digital strategy ranked as the number one priority for retail banks — cited by 46% of respondents.

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Mobile Healthcare Applications will Gain Momentum in 2015

Among U.S. physicians polled, 84% reported using smartphones for professional purposes. Tablet usage had also risen by 5 percentage points. Fully 56% of doctors said they used tablets for their jobs, compared with just over half the year prior.

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Why Every Digital Ecosystem must Compete for Tech Talent

Tech Ecosystem

“As I think about the necessary components for a tech ecosystem to thrive, I see it as a set of interlinked and interdependent building blocks. The basic and required base is a healthy supply and access to technical talent. If “software is eating the world” you need founders and team members who can build said software.”

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Exploring the Digital Business Imperative for SDN Deployment

Software Defined Networking

Some enterprises have taken steps to adopt software defined networking (SDN) in their data centers, where it provides cost advantages and more flexibility in network configuration. For example, using DevOps, an application can be readily tested by temporarily accessing cloud computing resources to run the application at scale.

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Why more Digital Marketers will Adopt Data Visualization Tools

Data visualization

Data-driven marketing (DDM) spending will continue on an upward growth trajectory this year. Nearly forty percent U.S. marketing professionals expected their companies’ investment in DDM to increase in 2015 — with about one-quarter estimating a significant rise.

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