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Global Wireless Spectrum Policy Impacts Wi-Fi Innovation

Global Wireless Spectrum Policy Impacts Wi-Fi Innovation

Once the global regulatory landscape for 6 GHz is finalized, the technology will bring about much higher throughput, much more capacity, greater reliability, lower latency, and better QoS than ever before.

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How Mobile Internet Traffic is Advancing LTE Deployments

Mobile Internet

At the end of 2014, LTE-Advanced covered its first 100 million people worldwide — that’s just 4 years since the network technology inception. ABI Research predicts that the coverage will reach 1 billion mobile subscribers in 4 more years.

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4G LTE Subscriptions will Reach 262 Million by 2017 in America

4G LTE subscriptions in the U.S. are expected to reach 262 million by 2017 and represent 70 percent of the total — as operators turn to mergers and acquisitions to acquire spectrum, according to Pyramid Research.

The mobile market landscape is changing rapidly due to a series of M&A events, driven largely by a growing need for additional spectrum and scale benefits.

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Global Mobile Data Traffic will Increase by 72 Percent in 2013

The adoption of mobile internet access across the globe is a phenomenal success story for the telecommunications sector. Global mobile data traffic expanded by 69 percent in 2012 and is anticipated to grow by 72 percent in 2013 — to reach 23,000 Peta Bytes.

By 2018 total mobile data traffic will likely eclipse 131,000 Peta Bytes, according to ABI Research.

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How the World’s Mobile Broadband Crisis was Avoided

“Seven years ago the International Telecommunication Union predicted the world would need twice as much radio frequency spectrum as is allocated now, and that was even before the advent of the data-hungry Apple iPhone,” said Stéphane Téral, principal analyst at Infonetics Research.

But if the ITU forecast had held true, all mobile communications networks with significant broadband usage would have crashed by now.

So, what happened? HSPA+ and LTE are two of the primary reasons why mobile network operators have been able to squeeze more and more capacity out of their limited spectrum allocation.

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How TV Spectrum Usage Can Benefit U.S. Broadband Access

The rapid growth of connected devices around the world has dramatically increased demand for wireless spectrum.

Google is working with industry and regulators to make more spectrum available by enabling dynamic spectrum sharing through a database.

This TV white spaces database is part of Google.org’s efforts to make more spectrum available for broadband access.

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