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Authentic Influencer Marketing Doesn’t Include Bribes

Real Influencer Marketing Doesn't Include Bribes

Influencers work with brands in different ways. Nearly half reported posting about a brand simply because they like it. In essence, they’re already advertising these brands to their audience before a paid sponsorship even comes into the picture.

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Transmedia: Why Corporate Storytelling is Such a Hot Topic


Corporate Storytelling has never been a hotter topic than now. The most beautiful thing about it though, is that it opens up the possibility to move beyond product placement, sponsorship and branding.

An area where needs and values of a company can fit naturally into the stories and narratives of a producer, creating a much fuller experience.

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NY Times: When ‘sponsored by Dell’ is the Only Advertising

When Dell chose to be the inaugural brand on The New York Times’ Paid Posts native advertising platform in January, the fact that the pages were clearly labeled as branded content prompted some to question Dell’s decision.

Didn’t we realize that readers weren’t going to be taken in?

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U.S. Native Ad Spending to Reach $3 Billion by 2017

Spending on digital sponsorship advertising –encompassing socially shareable ads as varied as logo placements, banners and pre-roll video ads, streaming concerts and brand-created articles — is on a strong growth trajectory, according to eMarketer.

Sponsorship spending in the U.S. market will rise 22.1% this year, from $1.54 billion in 2012 to $1.88 billion. By 2017, spending is expected to exceed $3 billion.

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Transmedia: the London 2012 Approach to Sponsorship

Transmedia: The 2012 approach to sponsoring the Olympics « iMediaConnection Blog

While it continues to establish itself in the vernacular of the marketing community, transmedia storytelling is fast becoming the norm for advertisers.

Sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Visa, and Procter & Gamble are all approaching the Olympics through a transmedia storytelling approach to create dynamic and relevant consumer experiences.

For each of these brands, transmedia storytelling is allowing them to reach global audiences on multiple platforms in a more engaging and holistic way.

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