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Augmented Analytics Turns Big Data into Smart Data

Augmented Analytics Turns Big Data into Smart Data

Advancements in data processing tools and the adoption of next-generation technologies — such as augmented analytics used to extract insights from Big Data — are expected to drive the Smart Data market toward $31.5 billion by 2022.

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U.S. VC-Backed Unicorn Startups Gain Momentum

U.S. VC-Backed Unicorn Startups Gain Momentum

More U.S. startup unicorns were born in Q4’18 than in any other financial quarter in history, capping off the best year on record. In 2018, 53 new companies hit a $1B+ unicorn valuation, up 83% from 2017 and 26% higher than the previous record in 2015.

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How to Build a High-Performance Innovation Team

How to Build a High-Performance Innovation Team

“Over decades of combined experience working with companies pursuing innovation-led growth and start-ups, we have identified ten traits that distinguish the most successful innovators.”

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The Next-Generation of Rapid Application Development

The Next-Generation of Rapid Application Development

Today’s enterprises are struggling to keep pace in a business world increasingly populated by nimble startups. These enterprises once relied on their IT cores as a source of competitive advantage. Now, those same IT cores increasingly make it difficult for them to adapt to a “New Normal” defined by speed, efficiency and resilience.

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B2B Tech Storytelling: Leading with Purposeful Narratives

B2B Tech Storytelling: Leading with Purposeful Narratives

Cisco Systems is often referred to as a ‘bellwether’ stock, meaning it’s a leading indicator of the direction of the economy, or of a sector of the market, or the market as a whole. How did Cisco achieve that eminence with a remarkable internet-enabled worldview? It was partly via commercial storytelling.

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U.S. Banking Investment in Fintech Start-Ups

U.S. Banking Investment in Fintech Start-Ups

U.S. financial services firms are actively investing in fintech startups. In 2018 (YTD 11/21), the top 11 U.S. banks by assets participated in a total of 49 equity rounds to fintech startups. This compares to 19 in 2017 and 33 in 2016.

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Robotic Exoskeleton Revenue will Reach $5.8 Billion

Robotic Exoskeleton Revenue will Reach $5.8 Billion

Across a range of applications, exoskeletons are increasingly being introduced to augment human capability — for assistive purposes in the workplace, and for enabling or rehabilitative purposes in the healthcare market.

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