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Why the On-Premises IT Decline is Accelerating

Why the On-Premises IT Decline is Accelerating

“The market for data center hardware is soft, and not just because of COVID-19. Like so many other trends, the pandemic didn’t yield anything new, but it did significantly accelerate almost every trend. Spending on teleconferencing exploded, while data center spending slowed considerably.”

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Business Case for Enterprise Data Governance Solutions

Business Case for Enterprise Data Governance Solutions

“Data users can spend between 30 and 40 percent of their time searching for data if a clear inventory of available data is not available, and they can devote 20 to 30 percent of their time to data cleansing if robust data controls are not in place. Effective data governance can alleviate these hassles.”

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Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT Hardware: A Hyperscale Public Cloud Advantage

Open IT solutions are gaining momentum. Most savvy CIOs and CTOs already have plans to increase their applications for open-source software projects. While that software is an established component of on-premises enterprise data centers, the untapped opportunity is open IT hardware infrastructure.

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How the Next ‘Cloud Price War’ will Impact IT Vendors

How the Next 'Cloud Price War' will Impact IT Vendors

As the proportion of the IT budget allocated to cloud increases, the focus on cloud costs will increase, and cost efficiency will once again rise as an area of focus and a decision driver for customers. And it is reasonable to expect this focus on costs to drive yet another wave of price reductions and price wars among cloud providers.

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Top Workloads on Public Cloud Services by Spend

Top Workloads on Public Cloud Services by Spend

The primary drivers for top workloads on public cloud infrastructure include ‘Lift & Shift’ migration patterns, the beginning of the adoption of AI/ ML capabilities, and the growth of cloud-native applications and dev/ test use cases on public cloud.

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The Race to Resiliency for Future IT Operations

The Race to Resiliency for Future IT Operations

The Future of Operations becomes reality when companies build on their current infrastructure and digital capabilities to develop resilient decision-making — having the ability to use all available data and information to rapidly and effectively make decisions.

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Software-Defined Storage Market to Reach $53.6 Billion

Software-Defined Storage Market to Reach $53.6 Billion

The software-defined storage market is projected to expand at a CAGR of ~25% from 2019 to 2027 in terms of revenue. Huge expansion of data in recent years is expected to fuel the growth of the IT software-defined storage market during the forecast period.

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Why Hybrid Cloud Solutions Benefit a Global Enterprise

Why Hybrid Cloud Solutions Benefit a Global Enterprise

“Hyperscale public cloud platforms are the main enabler for hyper-agile app development and deployment. IDC’s research, however, shows that 67% of European organizations are building a hybrid cloud technology architecture for the future, where on-prem has a strong presence in the space of mission-critical applications.”

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Why APAC will Drive the Global IT Server Market

Why APAC will Drive the Global IT Server Market

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) server market will grow at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2018 and 2023, and account for nearly one-third of the global market. APAC is set to be the largest region with $33.8bn server revenue, out of the $101.6bn total market.

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Cloud Data Center Infrastructure Investment Update

Cloud Data Center Infrastructure Investment Update

The Top 10 Cloud service providers spent $17.9 billion, in aggregate, on data centers — that’s a 14 percent year-over-year increase. AWS and IBM were the only cloud service providers increasing capex to expand server capacity.

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