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How Cloud Computing Growth Enabled Remote Working

How Cloud Computing Growth Enabled Remote Working

CIOs and CTOs have been among the heroes of the COVID-19 response by pivoting their organizations to enable pervasive remote working. The cloud allows them to play an even more critical role in making business strategies successful.”

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Strategic Foresight: Why the Winners Focus on Digital Growth

Strategic Foresight: Why the Winners Focus on Digital Growth

“Although B2B companies may believe that their focus on liquidity and other short-term concerns is justified, it could be costly. Our research suggests that companies are more likely to thrive if they act aggressively to capture market share during downturns rather than wait for the recovery to begin.”

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Micro-Fulfillment: Next Phase of eCommerce Innovation

Micro-Fulfillment: Next Phase of eCommerce Innovation

Micro-fulfillment is a strategy retailers use to make the fulfillment process more efficient — from receiving an online order to packing it and in some cases offering last-mile delivery. The approach aims to take the speed of localized, in-store pick-up and combine it with the efficiency of large, automated warehouses.

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The Definitive Guide to B2B Digital Transformation

Definitive Guide to B2B Digital Transformation

“Today we are witnessing a profound shift in how B2B leaders use digital to consume information, make informed buying decisions and engage with suppliers. COVID-19 has accelerated this shift, which will not abate when the pandemic recedes. Although the shift is easy to see, addressing it isn’t straightforward.”


Strategic Intelligence from The World Economic Forum

Strategic Intelligence from The World Economic Forum

In addition to the human curation by the Forum’s unique expert network, Strategic Intelligence uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology in order to curate the most relevant publications, videos and data visualizations, as well as identify emerging trends and themes.

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How Industry Leaders Envision Our Next Normal

How Industry Leaders Envision Our Next Normal

The survey found 85% of businesses pivoted strategy as a result of the pandemic. 31% believe we’ll see economic improvement in Q3/Q4 of this year. 74% think servant leadership will replace traditional leadership. 44% will extend offers to candidates without ever meeting in person.

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How Smart CEOs Plan Their Post-Pandemic Recovery

How Smart CEOs Plan Their Post-Pandemic Recovery

“Many people and companies are in crisis mode today, but several of the CEOs we talked to have established formal two-parallel-track teams that combine strategy and operational themes. One called the future-looking team the “recovery team” and staffed it with top strategic and operational talent, while a second team focuses on providing day-to-day leadership of the business.”

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Digital Growth: How Scenario Planning Can Drive Change

Digital Growth: How Scenario Planning Can Drive Change

“To improve strategy and drive action, it’s not enough to tell stories about the future. If they don’t spur urgency for change, stories are just infotainment. Good scenario planning requires the ability to identify how external scenarios will impact your industry and create risks and opportunities for your organization.”

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Why Leaders Must Drive Their Growth Recovery Outcome

Why Leaders Must Drive Their Growth Recovery Outcome

“In a crisis, you need to look not just at what is happening in front of you but also to plan ahead. McNulty even recommends building out teams to look at different time horizons — one month, six months, one year — while you as a leader can focus on other things.” – A ‘growth mindset’ will enable you to thrive.

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Digital Strategy: Positioning for Post-Crisis Growth

Digital Strategy: Positioning for Post-Crisis Growth

“Some steps do not cut costs now but prepare companies to thrive later. If headcounts are simply held flat, for instance, as companies grow they will likely see greater profit. The increased capacity can produce a better customer experience, reduce churn, or make it easier to raise prices and thus increase revenues.” Join the Think 2020 Digital Experience to learn more about how your organization can thrive, post-pandemic.