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WEF Strategic Intelligence: Source of Economic Insights


The World Economic Forum launched ‘Strategic Intelligence’, its flagship digital product to help individuals and organizations see the big picture on the global issues facing the world. It provides a tremendous resource for exploring the interconnections between over 250 different topics.

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Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

Open Your Organization to Honest Conversations

“When company leaders can’t hear the voices of their workers, serious strategic mistakes are likely. Michael Beer discusses ways organizations can build powerful communication channels.” Discover why senior leaders are responsible for a real ‘Open Organization’ culture. Speak up, don’t be afraid.

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How AI Innovation will Transform Business Strategy

How AI Innovation will Transform Business Strategy

For the first time in 100 years, new technologies such as artificial intelligence are causing firms to rethink their competitive strategy and organizational structure, say the authors of a new book, ‘Competing in the Age of AI’.

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Top 10 Trends for Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Operations

Top 10 Trends for Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Operations

By 2025, more than 90% of enterprises will have an automation architect, up from less than 20% today. This leader will guide investments through the lens of the automation strategy, ensuring that automation is scalable to digital business needs, addressing use cases that align with business strategy.

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Why Growth Strategies Fail to Deliver Results

Why Growth Strategies Fail to Deliver Results

A recent Gartner poll of strategy leaders revealed slow strategy execution as the top challenge for 2019 — 70% said they had little confidence in their ability to solve the problem.

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Focus on Strategy, Talent and Cost to Win in the Turns

Focus on Strategy, Talent and Cost to Win in the Turns

“As leaders of product organizations, general managers play a major role in organizational transformation and the culture shift to an increased service orientation. Create a culture that supports this new strategy with agile and DevOps techniques and build resilient teams.”

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Digital Transformation: a Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Digital Transformation: a Gap Between Strategy and Execution

“As organizations tackle more large-scale strategic initiatives like digital business transformations and rely increasingly on multiple functions and business units (BUs) to execute those strategies, three dynamics complicate strategic execution.”

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How Content Marketers Influence Business Leaders

How Content Marketers Influence Business Leaders

“Looking at the marketing subtopics that influenced business over the years, we find only three: marketing communications, customer relationships and channel management. The only one consistently on an uptrend since the 2000s is marketing communications.”

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Why Digital Ad Blocking Impacts Online Marketers

Why Digital Ad Blocking Impacts Online Marketers

In the U.S., roughly one in four internet users will block ads this year on at least one of their internet-connected devices. Penetration will be stable, increasing only to 27% of internet users at the end of our forecast period. Still, the ROI for online ads is pitiful.

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How Technology Market Makers Build Value

How Technology Market Makers Build Value

“Because market makers create new revenue streams, they enjoy exceptional growth once these markets attain critical mass. They face potential new competitors with a commanding first-mover advantage. And they enjoy outsized rewards in both the bottom line and stock market performance.”

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