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Video Streaming Subscriptions Rise as U.S. Pay-TV Declines

Video Streaming Subscriptions Rise as U.S. Pay-TV Declines

“The virtual services, which rely on unmanaged broadband delivery, added more than 1.8 million subscriptions in 2019. Though a bright spot, it did not overcome the long shadow of cord-cutting that saw a reduction to combined traditional and virtual subscriptions of more than 4.5 million in 2019.”

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Mobile Market in India Now Exceeds 1 Billion Subscribers

India’s number of mobile-phone subscribers topped 1 billion, becoming the only country after China to cross that milestone. The number of subscribers in October reached 1.03 billion, that’s up by 0.7 percent from the preceding month.

Source: Bloomberg

More Mobile Subscriptions than People on Planet Earth in 2015

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There are more mobile subscriptions than people living on planet Earth. The number stood at 7.3 billion at the end of September and will grow to 7.4 billion by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the world’s population will climb to 7.35 billion by the end of 2015, according to the United Nations.

Source: World Economic Forum

American Pay-TV Revenue Gains are Dominated by the Telcos

Although AT&T and Verizon currently rank fifth and sixth among pay-TV operators in the U.S. in terms of subscribers, their total company revenues far exceed those of their competitors. Between them they reported total revenues of $67.6 billion for the last quarter of 2014.

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Beginning of the End for 2G Mobile Communications

While 2G subscribers declined for the first time in 2013, falling 3 percent to 4.8 billion, they still accounted for 70 percent of the world’s 6.8 billion mobile subscribers.

However, by 2018, TeleGeography forecasts that 2G will no longer account for the majority of the mobile market, representing 42 percent of global subscribers.

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Netflix Reaches 38+ Million Streaming Subscribers in 2013

Netflix reached more than 38 million video streaming subscribers worldwide at the end of Q3 2013. The company’s physical disc subscription business declined to 7 million subscribers – that’s a loss of 355,000 subscribers in the quarter and almost 1.5 million since Q3 2012.

Netflix total number of paid streaming subscribers increased by 2.4 million over the quarter, to reach 29.9 million subscribers in the United States and 8.1 million subscribers internationally.

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Consumer Spending on Video Streaming Services

Consumer attitudes toward video access are changing, moving away from ownership and rental models to streaming and subscription services (such as Netflix), as connected CE and smart TVs proliferate in the U.S. and Western Europe, according to Parks Associates.

Parks reports that in a six-month period, U.S. online video subscribers spent almost $50 on average for video subscriptions while a la carte video typically garnered less than half that amount.

From 2009 to 2010, the number of purchased movie and TV-show downloads dropped by 56% and movie-rental downloads fell by 70%.

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Latest Market Outlook for Digital Music Trends

“We anticipate that global digital music revenues will more than double from $7.4 billion in 2010 — rising to to $20.1 billion by 2015, growing at a CAGR of 22.1 percent over the period.”

Subscriptions will be the fastest growing segment — growing at CAGR of 60.8% over the forecast period. In terms of market value, the U.S., Japan, UK, France, and Germany are the key digital music markets, together accounting for 79.5% of the global market in 2010. India, China, and Mexico are the upcoming digital music markets, which present strong growth potential.

Globally, ISPs are entering the battle against music piracy, primarily driven by the collective efforts of music companies and local government’s support. In 2010, France, Ireland and South Korea took steps to curtail music piracy, while others including the UK, New Zealand, and Malaysia are aiming to do so in 2011.

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U.S. Broadband Subscriber Results Q4 2010

U.S. Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) added 1.2 million new subscribers to their rolls in the fourth quarter of 2010, for a total of 4 million new customers over the course of the year.

This sum is identical to the 2009 number, and is indicative of gradual plateauing of the U.S. fixed broadband market, where household penetration has reached 65 percent.

Market leader Comcast accounted for over 25% of the net additional subscribers, bringing on 1.058 million new customers over the year. Cablevision likewise saw a bump in its subscriber rolls, due largely to its Q4 acquisition of Bresnan Communications Co. for $1.37 billion. The acquisition, viewed by many as a pricey one, did buy the MSO 200,000+ new subscribers, and roughly a point of market share.

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HBO Lost 1.6 Million Subscribers in 2010

The pay-TV giant is still far ahead of the pay-TV pack, with 28.2 million. And if it’s any consolation, the 3Q-4Q drop of 75,000 subs was the smallest yet in a tough 2010 for HBO, which lost a total of 1.6 million subscribers over the course of the year.

The timing couldn’t be worse given the huge leap Netflix made in its own fourth-quarter tally. It grabbed an additional 7.7 million subs to shoot past the 20 million mark.

That’s more than even Showtime and Starz, which in 4Q finished with healthy gains that took them to 19.5 million and 18.1 million, respectively.

via Netflix Narrows Subscriber Gap With HBO | paidContent.