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The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

Innovation is the engine that drives contemporary economies. Living standards are determined by productivity growth, which in turn depends on the introduction and dissemination of new technologies that allow an ever-wider variety of goods and services to be produced with fewer and fewer of our planet’s resources.”

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How to Scale-up Artificial Intelligence Applications

How to Scale-up Artificial Intelligence Applications

By 2030, AI could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy. But its manageable implementation is a global challenge. The World Economic Forum is working with industry experts and business leaders to develop an AI toolkit that will help companies understand the power of AI to advance their business and to introduce the technology in a sustainable way.

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The Circular Economy: Strategic Foresight from 2030

Circular Economy: Strategic Foresight from 2030

“Looking back, few categories benefited more from the vision of our politicians and entrepreneurs than the batteries industry. The cell-powered revolution created 10 million jobs, added $150 billion to the global economy and provided electricity to 600 million people. This was indeed the decade of the battery.”

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Exploring Digital Opinion Analysis in America

Exploring Digital Opinion Analysis in America

During the last quarter of 2017, Alto Data Analytics, an international data firm specialized in public opinion analysis using big data and artificial intelligence, conducted an analysis of digital opinions to understand what sustainability means to the American public.

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How Blockchains Can Help Transform the World

How Blockchains Can Help Transform the World

Blockchain has recently made its way into the impact investment community, and a broad range of use cases are being developed to take advantage of its features, giving rise to a new category of application referred to as “impact tokens”.

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Exploring Blockchain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

blockchain fintech market research

The intersection of newer financial tools and technology is creating an enormous impact that can help unleash a sustainable development revolution. How can a new fintech-based initiative connect with this sweet spot?

Source: World Economic Forum

How Mobile Data Advances Sustainable Development

mobile data market research

According to the Mobile Economy Report by GSMA, half of the population of the world now has a mobile phone and an additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to approximately 60 percent.

Source: World Economic Forum

How Technology Innovation is Disrupting the Energy Industry

energy industry technology innovation

Energy 2.0 is well underway. Whether it be Tesla Energy, SolarCity, Google, or another disruptive company that will soon achieve commercial viability, disruptive energy has already begun in some parts of the world.

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