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Why the U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Decline is Unstoppable

Why the U.S. Pay-TV Subscriber Decline is Unstoppable

U.S. multi-channel defections ballooned in the third quarter, amplified by tighter promotions at a time when consumers need little additional motivation to seek OTT alternatives, according to the latest market study by Kagan, a TMT research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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World Trade: How to Tax the Digital Economy

World Trade: How to Tax the Digital Economy

The benefits of digitalization are clear and welcome. Yet popular debate is growing worldwide on how best to tax and regulate digital businesses to optimize economic and societal outcomes. Because digital activities are so often borderless, actions taken in one country can spill over into others.

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How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

How Internet Taxes Handicap Local Economies

Unaffordable internet is a major contributor to the fact that half the world is unconnected. Lack of connectivity has major negative impacts on a country’s education, health, productivity and growth. Many countries, especially those in emerging economies, tax internet access at a very high level.

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How Short-Sighted Taxes on ICT Negatively Impact Digital Growth

Information and communications technology (ICT) drives productivity growth in the developed and developing world alike. Yet despite the clear benefits, many nations discourage ICT adoption by businesses and consumers by imposing discriminatory tariffs and taxes on cell phones, computers, telecommunications services.

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Why Most Americans Oppose the Internet Sales Tax Policymakers

A new survey commissioned by National Taxpayers Union (NTU) and the R Street Institute finds that the American people overwhelmingly oppose new legislation (like the Marketplace Fairness Act, or MFA) that lets states force tax collection obligations on Internet purchases made from businesses outside their borders.

By a 57%-35% margin, Americans opposed changes to Internet sales tax policies like those provided in the MFA. A further examination of different political and demographic groups revealed universal concern about MFA and Internet sales taxes.

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