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Why Smart Cities Invest in Digital Transformation

Why Smart Cities Invest in Digital Transformation

Unprecedented urbanization is compelling cities to fundamentally reimagine and transform for the future – and fast. According to a study, roughly half of the world’s population lives in cities today and that figure is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.

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IoT Solutions Revenue will Reach $745 Billion in 2019

IoT Solutions Revenue will Reach $745 Billion in 2019

Many new internet apps will be deployed during this year. Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is forecast to reach $745 billion in 2019, that’s an increase of 15.4 percent over the $646 billion invested in 2018, according to the latest market study by IDC.

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IoT Forecast: 22 Billion Connected Devices by 2025

IoT Forecast: 22 Billion Connected Devices by 2025

There are 7 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices connected at the end of 2018. Most of those devices are connected via short-range protocols (WPAN or WLAN). Connected IoT devices will reach 22 billion by 2025, in part driven by new low-power wide-area (LPWAN) standards as well as 5G cellular.

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83% of U.S. Households Have Internet Access

83% of U.S. Households Have Internet Access

The most common reason for not getting Internet service at home is a lack of perceived need (cited by 46%).  This reason is followed by cost (cited by 17%), the ability to access the Internet on a smartphone (cited by 11%), and availability issues (cited by 9%).

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5G Network Technologies Transform Industrial Markets

5G Network Technologies Transform Industrial Markets

Expect to see and hear more commentary about fifth-generation (5G) wireless communication related national leadership policies in 2019. Physical industries are rapidly transforming on an unprecedented scale with digitization becoming a critical priority that fuels the Global Networked Economy.

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Internet of Things Drive Smart Parking Upside

Internet of Things Drive Smart Parking Upside

Smart parking products and services will grow at a CAGR of 14% and surpass $3.8 billion by 2023. That’s based on growing smart parking adoption across all regions, and the analysis of distinct technological subsets of the smart parking market.

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How Mobile Fuels Global Digital Commerce Growth

How Mobile Fuels Global Digital Commerce Growth

Today, 4 billion people are connected to the internet, and nearly all of them (92.6%) do so using their mobile devices. Every day, 85% of users (3.4 billion people) connect to the internet and spend, on average, six-and-a-half hours online. Consumers are spending more time, with increasing frequency, on an expanded range of diverse digital activities.

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