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Where to Work: Savvy Tech Leaders Let Employees Choose

Where to Work: Savvy Tech Leaders Let Employees Choose

Technology executives are finding ways for their teams to collaborate and be productive as fully remote work persists during the pandemic. Rather than force people to work in an office, enlightened leaders will let their employees decide where to work.

via WSJ

Remote Work: A Business Case for Network Optimization

Remote Work: A Business Case for Network Optimization

Executives say 20% of their ‘overall workforce’ is currently enabled to work remotely. Almost 40% say their employees have trouble accessing their organization’s network. Almost half can’t access the necessary technology and tools to do their work effectively while out of a traditional office.


New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

“While employers received mixed reviews on their handling of the pandemic, one thing they could do that would appeal to most employees is offer continuing options to work from home. Of those currently working remotely, 80 percent indicate they would like to continue to work away from the office at least occasionally, while 58 percent would like this to be their primary way of working.”


Global Study Finds One in Five Employees Telecommute

A new poll conducted by Ipsos for Reuters News finds that one in five (17%) employees who can be connected online to their workplace report they telecommute on a frequent basis.

Seven percent say they ‘work every day from home which is remote or separate from their employers real office elsewhere’ while another 10% say they do so ‘on a very consistent and constant basis like evenings and weekends.’

Telecommuting is primarily taking place in emerging markets: those working in the Middle East and Africa (27%), Latin America (25%) and Asia-Pacific (24%) are considerably more likely than those in North America (9%) and Europe (9%) to telecommute ‘on a frequent basis.’

via Ipsos