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American Pay-TV Subscriptions Reflect Market Saturation

The ten leading pay-TV operators in the United States collectively lost 20,600 subscribers in the last quarter of 2014. Cable TV operators collectively lost over 800,000 digital television subscribers in all of 2014. While overall television subscriber numbers in America remain flat.

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Think Different: Looking Back at the 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

Thirty-one years ago, Apple and its agency Chiat/Day took a huge risk by attempting to define the Super Bowl Commercial as a cultural phenomenon. Prior to Super Bowl XVIII in 1984 people didn’t make a big deal of the commercials the way they do now, but one epic TV spot changed all that…

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Broadcast Television Industry is Being Disrupted by Mobile Apps

By 2018 there will be as many smartphone users in the world as TV sets. And beyond that point, TV set penetration will start leveling off as ongoing cost reductions will allow smartphone penetration to continue to increase.

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Asia-Pacific Region to Lead Multi-Screen TV Adoption

For the 51 countries covered in the latest worldwide market study by Digital TV Research, the gross number of overall viewers will climb from 5.60 billion in 2010 to 11.32 billion by 2020.

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Strong Consumer Demand for Large Screen HDTVs in 2015

DisplaySearch has raised the global forecast for 2014 LCD TV shipments to 223 million units, that’s up 7% Year-over-Year on a unit basis and up 16% Year-over-Year on an area basis. The LCD TV shipment outlook for 2015 was also increased to 239 million units, as recent growth trends appear to be sustainable.

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How Digital Media Players Impact Video Entertainment Trends

According to GfK, 19 percent of TV viewers now own at least one of the three major digital media players — Roku Stick, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV. This represents a 10-fold increase over the 2010 ownership level of approximately 2 percent.

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How the Netflix Disruption of Pay-TV Extends Internationally

Netflix has global mind-share, even though it’s officially available in only a handful of countries. The consumer awareness of the subscriber benefits are a testament to the apparent pent-up demand for affordable over-the-top (OTT) streaming video entertainment services.

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