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How the Pandemic has Inspired Open Innovation

How the Pandemic Inspires Open Innovation

Opening up and sharing information about corona virus allows the scientific and academic communities to test new strategies. The Open Government Alliance recommends sharing models used to tally cases and make projections. New Zealand has already shared data on the pandemic’s impact on trade.

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World Trade: How to Tax the Digital Economy

World Trade: How to Tax the Digital Economy

The benefits of digitalization are clear and welcome. Yet popular debate is growing worldwide on how best to tax and regulate digital businesses to optimize economic and societal outcomes. Because digital activities are so often borderless, actions taken in one country can spill over into others.

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Global Networked Economy Enables Digital Trade


A group of 60-plus WTO members are working to commit to new cross-regional trade negotiations on e-commerce later this week in Davos. The move follows a year of in-depth discussions on where trade rules could be helpful for the global economy.

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Harnessing Digital Infrastructure for Global Trade Development

Monopolies in the telecom industry can push up the cost of internet access by stifling competition. In its funding of undersea internet backbone cable around Africa, the World Bank Group has insisted on multiple interconnections to facilitate competition.

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Exploring Digital Trade in the U.S. and Global Economies

According to U.S. International Trade Commission, the combined effects of enhanced productivity and lower international trade costs due to “digital trade” likely resulted in an estimated $517.1 billion to $710.7 billion increase — that’s a 3.4 percent to 4.8 percent increase in U.S. gross domestic product GDP.

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