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Growing Demand for Proven AI Deployment Services

Growing Demand for Proven AI Deployment Services

Yes, organizations value artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, however, they lack confidence in their team’s readiness for implementation — 53% of survey respondents say business users are unclear about what they expect. They need guidance.

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How Sales Enablement Tools Unlock B2B Growth

How Sales Enablement Tools Unlock B2B Growth

“Seventy-one percent of executives surveyed by Gartner said they had plans to deploy sales enablement tools to support sales training, coaching and onboarding in the next two years,” said Hilbert. “Seventy-seven percent indicate they were in the process of, or are going to, deploy sales digital content management or guided selling tools in the next two years.”

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Getting Started with Enterprise AI – Webinar Series


Most savvy leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is inevitable, but many struggle with interpreting what it might mean for their business, and how to get started. In this webinar series, you’ll discover lessons-learned and the best practices. Register Now – to get started.

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How to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Attack


Executives tend to relegate cybersecurity to the IT department. That is a mistake, because cyber incidents affect the entire organization. We should conduct regular cybersecurity drills, as we do fire and safety drills. That’s where tabletop exercises can play a big role.

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Commercial Training Apps for Virtual Reality Systems

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More CTOs are being tasked to assess the commercial applications of augmented and virtual reality technologies. These systems are increasingly being applied, due to their ability to provide immersive training environments, accurately simulate dangerous situations, and avoid costly travel and equipment-related expenses.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Cyber Threat Survey Uncovers Common IT Security Attacks

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Phishing (72%), spyware (50%), ransomware (49%) and Trojans (47%) are the threats most seen by respondents’ organizations, but not all of these have significant impact. When it comes to impact, phishing causes the most damage, and 40% of survey respondents experienced phishing attacks, including spearphishing and whaling in the last year.

Source: SANS Institute

Just 8% of Current Marketers Have Proven Digital Skills

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“In order to succeed, our thinking and skillset needs to be too, failing to do so will result in an even larger skills gap than what currently exists and will not only affect organisations who need to adapt their marketing to new innovative audience engagement strategies, but also decrease the opportunities for people looking to advance or enter a career in marketing.”

Source: Digital Marketing Magazine