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Why the Growing Shadow IT Trend Worries Legacy CIOs

IT Communication in Crisis

Communication between IT and non-IT employees is in a state of crisis. Four out of five IT leaders claim that building trust and credibility is highly important. However, only 4% believe that they are highly effective in communicating with their Line of Business colleagues.

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Digital Transformation is Guided by Our Creative Imagination

digital business transformation

“The two most powerful processes in business are putting new technology at the core of ideation and forgetting everything we’ve ever learned. It’s the re-imagination of what’s possible with the oxygen of technology at the core.”

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Why Emerging Digital Platforms Disrupt Old Business Models

digital disruption

Uber and other digital platforms are redefining the interaction among consumers, workers, and employers. They are also making the prior celebrated firm of the industrial age – an essential institution, which allowed for specialization and saved on transactions costs – redundant.

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Exploring the Six Degrees of Technology-Enabled Innovation

Inside the 6 Degrees of Innovation

A recent study by the Cambridge Judge Business School assessed major transformative innovations across a number of industries to distill the “Six Degrees of Innovation.” The six degrees represent six matching patterns between trends in technology and market needs that occur with regularity in successful business models.

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Retail Banks to Spend $16.6B on Digital Transformation in 2015

Retail Bank Digital Transformation

U.S. retail banks will spend nearly $16.6 billion on hardware, software and services, in order to develop and implement digital transformation initiatives in 2015.  Spending will grow at an average CAGR of 10.4% into 2019.  This compares to an overall IT spend growth of 3.9% for all U.S. banks.

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The Huge Upside Opportunity in Shadow IT for Savvy CIOs

Shadow IT Opportunity for CIOs

A recent BT study amongs 1000 IT decision makers found that CIOs are facing a Darwinian moment. It also offers a positive message that creative CIOs are in fact increasing their clout in the boardroom and crafting a more imaginative role for themselves.

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Digital Business Transformation Playbook For 2015

Digital Business Transformation

In the age of the customer, business is digital. Digital technologies are empowering your customers like never before — transforming how they discover, explore, buy, and engage with brands and products. That said, the speed of digital business transformation adoption is accelerating in 2015.

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How to Innovate at the Speed of Open Source with DevOps

DevOps Open Source

DevOps aims to deliver software with increased speed and higher reliability, and it builds upon the foundations of open source culture, open source practices, and open source technologies to do this.  According to Bryan Che, here’s the 1st tenet of DevOps — Innovate at the speed of open source with DevOps.

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Survey Finds Many Executives Expect Big Digital Disruptions

Digital Business Disruption research

The results of a worldwide survey show that digital disruption will displace approximately 40 percent of incumbent companies within the next five years, in each of the 12 industries studied. Technology Products and Services sector has the highest potential for disruption.

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Why the Savvy CIO Embraces Digital Business Transformation

CIO in the digital age

The rapid adoption of digital technologies is putting new pressures on IT organizations. As spending on cloud, mobile, analytics, and social technology soars, CIOs have the opportunity to help drive strategy, innovation, and revenue growth. At the same time, these technologies present major new challenges in the traditional domain of IT.

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