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Global Smart City Tech Spending to Reach $124 Billion

Global Smart City Tech Spending to Reach $124 Billion

“The top 100 cities investing in smart initiatives in 2019 represented around 29 percent of global spending, and while growth will be sustained among the top spenders in the short term, the market is quite dispersed across midsize and small cities investing in relatively small projects.”

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How Industry Collaboration will Scale Blockchain

How Industry Collaboration will Scale Blockchain

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance — an industry organization with nearly 500 members, including FedEx and United Parcel Service Inc.  — is working on developing common standards around the technology.

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Mobility Technology Trends to Watch in 2019


Mobility technology has advanced rapidly, and concepts that were once considered futuristic are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. From the growth of autonomous vehicles to flying robotaxis, we identified the top auto tech trends to watch.

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How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

How Open Data Initiatives Fuel Mobility-as-a-Service

With rising levels of automobile traffic congestion and its environmental impact, there are now more efforts focused on finding ways to make urban travel more efficient. A catalyst for this change has been the principle of Open Data, which is where cities release as much data as possible about local transport, allowing companies to tailor services that fill gaps in coverage.

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How Electric Vehicles will Transform Our Future

How Electric Vehicles will Transform Our Future

As a report from the World Economic Forum makes clear, we’re at the start of a mobility revolution. By 2040, more than half of new cars sold in the world will be electric vehicles, with 70 percent of market share in Europe, and over 50 percent in China.

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IoT Technology Spending will Reach $1.2 Trillion in 2022

IoT Technology Spending will Reach $1.2 Trillion in 2022

From a total spending perspective, discrete manufacturing and transportation will each exceed $150 billion in spending in 2022, making these the two largest industries for IoT applications spending.

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IoT and Blockchain Transform Global Cargo Industry

IoT and Blockchain will Transform Global Cargo Industry

Berg Insight released the findings from their latest global market study. The number of active tracking devices deployed for cargo loading units — including trailers, intermodal containers, rail freight wagons, air cargo containers, cargo boxes and pallets — reached 3.7 million worldwide in 2017.

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How AI Drives the Development of Self-Driving Vehicles

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Globally, the U.S. and China are ahead in the self-driving race. Germany and Japan, despite being famous for their autos, are behind. “The key difference is AI,” said Tony Han, co-founder of China-based autonomous vehicle company JingChi. “China and the U.S. are leading in AI.”

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How The Netherlands Invents the Future of Transportation

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“All over the world, the way people get around is changing quickly. However, it’s possible that there’s no greater hub for developing the future of transportation technology than the Netherlands.”

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The Sharing Economy will Reach $40.2 Billion by 2022

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A new market study from Juniper Research has found that the sharing economy is now primed to experience substantial growth, as players in more established sectors — such as transport and residential or commercial space — press their first mover advantage.

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