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Coexistence: Adopting an Optimal IT Infrastructure Model

hybrid cloud computing market research

In previous global market studies, senior executive decision makers have stated that they are likely to always have a blend of traditional on-premises IT and cloud-based services. Cloud computing has enabled organizations to increase their overall utilization of existing IT assets.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

Global SaaS Cloud Growth Driven by ERP and Collaboration

Global SaaS cloud market research

The worldwide enterprise SaaS market grew 33 percent year-on-year to reach well over $11 billion in quarterly revenues. While not the largest segment, ERP grew the most rapidly achieving 49 percent growth, while the largest segment, collaboration, grew by 37 percent.

Source: Synergy Research Group

New Hearables Join Wearables in the Internet of Things

smart hearable market research

A new worldwide market study by Juniper Research has found that revenue from the overall category of ‘smart audio’ hardware will more than triple over the next four years, rising from an estimated $1.4 billion this year to over $5.5 billion by 2020.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

More Savvy American Marketers Embrace Agile Methods

digital transformation market research

Recent survey found that a little more than half of U.S. marketers said they have begun to embrace Agile Marketing methods — an iterative approach to planning and executing activities derived from the often used Agile Software development methodology.

Source: eMarketer

Total Global IoT Revenue to Reach $3 Trillion by 2025

internet of things market research

Current estimates of the commercial impact from the Internet of Things (IoT) market opportunity are already being rated in the billions and trillions. Machina Research recently published its annual guidance on the growth of the global IoT market, adding more data and insight to the future projections.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Alibaba eCommerce Business Gains New Momentum in China


An expanding middle class coupled with faster internet service and greater mobile device uptake helped Alibaba to capture more than one-third (35.8%) of the $16.5 billion mobile advertising market in China in 2015 — that’s up from 26.4 percent in 2014.

Source: eMarketer

Why Mobile Payment Services are Very Popular in China


Rather than reaching for their wallets, nearly two-thirds of smartphone users in China pay with their phone instead. According to the South China Morning Post, 64.7 percent of Chinese smartphone owners (424.5 million people) made regular mobile payments in June, 2016.

Source: Mobile Business Insights