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Video Games Industry will Reach $230B+ in 5 Years

Video Games Industry will Reach $230B+ in 5 Years

Video games software and hardware combined could be in the $165 billion to $170 billion range this year (if mobile outperforms again), and reach between $230 billion and $235 billion by 2022 if strong performance continues.

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Why Digital Business is a Key to Survival in 2018

Why Digital Business is a Key to Survival in 2018

Harnessing the potential of digital technology is critical to unlocking value in today’s global economy. For many corporations, digitizing has also become essential for their basic survival. As they invest in their digital transition, businesses need to determine where they will reap the most reward.

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Why Companies Don’t Respond to Digital Disruption

Why Companies Don’t Respond to Digital Disruption

The gap between the 87 percent who say digital disruption will affect their industry and the 44 percent who say their company is adequately preparing is, in a word, staggering. The majority knows digital disruption is happening.

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Fintech: Few Early-Adopters Lead Digital Transformation


While all banks worldwide acknowledge the importance and complexity of transforming their businesses to compete in this digital economy, nearly 40% haven’t executed on a sustainable digital transformation strategy, according to a new survey from IDC.

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Video Entertainment Original Content Creation Trends

Video Entertainment Original Content Creation Trends

According to Juniper Research, Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) services — from leading providers such as Netflix and Amazon — will drive a surge in OTT revenues to reach $120 billion in 2022, and that’s up from $64 billion in 2017. In this environment, the traditional expensive bundle of pay-TV services will surely continue their decline.

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Ongoing Evolution of Mobile Messaging Applications

Ongoing Evolution of Mobile Messaging Applications

The volume of A2P messaging is expected to increase by 20 percent over the next 5 years to more than 2.7 trillion by 2022 — that’s up from 2.1 trillion in 2017, according to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research.

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More Industry Cloud Services Gain Momentum in 2017

More Industry Cloud Services Gain Momentum in 2017

On a geographic basis, the United States leads by a very large margin in terms of industry cloud adoption across the three aforementioned industries combined. It’s expected to reach 73 percent of worldwide spend in 2017, followed by Western Europe at 12 percent.

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