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Banking with Blockchain will Increase Money Transfers

Banking with Blockchain Increases Money Transfers

Global remittances totaled $613 billion in 2017, marking a 7% increase from $573 billion in 2016. Factors such as stricter immigration policies have possibly resulted in an increase in the number of remittance payments this year, and the 2018 figures are expected to rise accordingly.

via World Economic Forum

Digital Native Enterprises Gain Traction in Asia-Pacific

Digital Native Enterprises Gain Traction in Asia-Pacific

Digitally determined organizations demonstrate the ability to vision, plan, and operationalize their digital transformation (DX) through ambition, grit, discipline and commitment. Ultimately, all digital determined organizations aspire to become ‘digital native enterprises’.

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Chief Marketing Officer Budget Reality Check

Chief Marketing Officer Budget Reality Check

“Our conversation with marketing leaders suggest these budgets are fluid. Some are hard-pressed to make a business case to restructure or increase budgets for staff. On many to-do lists: Bring activities in-house, such as media planning and buying, and make better use of their agencies.”

via Gartner

The New Mantra of Systems Design Thinking

The New Mantra of Systems Design Thinking

At the WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, interdisciplinary teams of experts and government representatives are applying a new strategy. They’re using a faster-paced, iterative and experimental approach to exploring regulations for new-edge technologies such as blockchain, drones and personalized medicine.

via World Economic Forum

American States Most Vulnerable to Job Automation

American States Most Vulnerable to Job Automation

“Study results: It determined that the 10 U.S. states where workers are most vulnerable to robot-replacement are Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and Alabama.”

via World Economic Forum

Huge Economic Value of Artificial Intelligence Adoption

Economic Value of Artificial Intelligence Adoption

AI advances will increase global GDP by up to 14 percent between now and 2030 — the equivalent of an additional $15.7 trillion contribution to the world’s economy. That said, AI latecomers will be at a serious competitive disadvantage within several years.

via WSJ

How Machine Vision Revenues will Reach $193.8 Billion

How Machine Vision Revenues will Reach $193.8 Billion

Machine vision is in the process of transition and dramatic expansion. Deep learning (DL) techniques are taking machine vision systems to next level, driving the mass adoption in several industries — including the automotive, retail, consumer, industrial, and surveillance sectors.

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