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Reskilling Talent: Preparing for The Future of Work

Reskilling Talent: Preparing for The Future of Work

Demand for physical and manual skills in repeatable tasks will decline by 30 percent, while demand for literacy and numeracy skills would fall by 20 percent. In contrast, the demand for technological skills will rise by more than 50 percent, and the need for complex cognitive skills will increase by one-third.

via McKinsey

Telepresence: Post-Pandemic Digital Lifescapes in America

Telepresence: Post-Pandemic Digital Lifescapes in America

“If white-collar workers are told the downtown office is forever optional, some will take their superstar-city jobs out of superstar cities. That much is obvious. But these shifts, even if they are initially moderate, could lead to more surprising and significant changes to America’s cultural, economic, and political future.”

via The Atlantic

4 Innovation Themes to Transform Financial Services

4 Innovation Themes to Transform Financial Services

“Future banks will operate in different modes: direct to consumer, as-a-service, marketplace seller, and platform owner — all of which may operate concurrently. Yet no bank will do any of this alone.”

via Forrester

New Digital Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

New Digital Security Solutions for the Internet of Things

Secure device authentication currently stands among the top-tier investment priorities for key IoT markets. According to ABI Research, hardware-focused IoT authentication services will reach $8.4 billion in revenues by 2026.

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The Risks and Rewards of Global Supply Chains


Now supply chain disruptions are regular occurrences across the globe. Averaging across industries, companies can expect supply chain disruptions lasting a month or longer to occur every 3.7 years, and the most severe events take a major financial toll.

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Why Upskill Initiatives Gained Momentum in 2020

Why Upskill Initiatives Gained Momentum in 2020

“Recent studies show that nearly 30% of employees feel their skills will be redundant within the next two years. Nearly 50% of those in Gen-Y and Gen-Z think their skills will be irrelevant in the next four to five years.”

via Futurum

Business Case for Enterprise Data Governance Solutions

Business Case for Enterprise Data Governance Solutions

“Data users can spend between 30 and 40 percent of their time searching for data if a clear inventory of available data is not available, and they can devote 20 to 30 percent of their time to data cleansing if robust data controls are not in place. Effective data governance can alleviate these hassles.”

via McKinsey

Remote Working: Office Remodeling Gains Momentum

Remote Working: Office Remodeling Gains Momentum

The Remote Work Survey shows that 73 percent of employees would like to work remotely at least two days a week, even once COVID-19 is no longer a concern. Similarly, 55 percent of executives are prepared to expand options for employees to work outside the office.

via Strategy + Business

New Business Paradigm for Data Empowers Stakeholders

New Business Paradigm for Data Empowers Stakeholders

“Digitalization is yielding vast quantities of data, which offer opportunities for business, human well-being and the environment, if used effectively. New business models and technologies are allowing organizations to use data to generate top-line value while preserving individual agency and privacy.”

via World Economic Forum

7 Ways Fintech Disrupted The Banking Status Quo

7 Ways Fintech Disrupted The Banking Status Quo

Financial-technology companies are changing the face of finance. Over the past ten years, disruption in the payments space has expanded to every corner of finance. Even areas once assumed to be safe are seeing new entrants and competitive threats.

via McKinsey