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China Improves Rank in Global Economic Index

China Improves Rank in Global Economic Index

In the last few decades, China has made huge progress in science and technology. This new age of innovation has seen the birth of ‘unicorn’ tech companies like media giant Tencent, the ‘Uber of China’ Didi Chuxing, and the world’s biggest drone builder, DJI.

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Why Banks Must Redefine Digital Transformation

Redefining Digital Transformation in Banking

85 percent of banks have digital transformation implementation as a priority for 2018, driven by the need to find efficient ways to address challenges in the industry such as cost pressures, eroding top lines, uncertainty and instability in the geopolitical environment and decreasing customer satisfaction. But strategy execution is a challenge.

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Asia-Pacific IoT will Reach $291.7 Billion in 2018

Asia-Pacific IoT will Reach $291.7 Billion in 2018

China will account for 64.2% of the overall spending ($187.3 billion) in Asia-Pacific region in 2018. Adoption of IoT technology in other countries are also steadily gaining ground, with South Korea and India accounting for 9.8% and 8.8% share respectively.

via IDC

Hybrid IT Trend is Driven by Cloud Service Reality

Hybrid IT Trend is Driven by Cloud Service Reality

“While we remain bullish on the overall public cloud opportunity, we see an increasing number of companies confronting the realities and challenges of migrating workloads and re-platforming apps,” the Goldman Sachs report said.

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Personal Computing Outlook Reflects Ongoing Change

Personal Computing Outlook Reflects Ongoing Change

The global adoption of public cloud computing services, the increased performance of smartphones and the demand for Chromebooks continue to negatively impact the rest of the consumer electronics market and to a somewhat lesser degree the enterprise IT marketplace.

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How Smart Retail Technology Fuels In-Store Innovation

How Smart Retail Technology Fuels In-Store Innovation

In 2025, traditional brick and mortar retailers will spend $34 billion on AI technologies — that’s up from just $4 billion in 2018. According to the ABI assessment, computer vision will account for 29 percent of this IT spending.

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Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

This is the first time in the history of the GII that the same countries are in the Top 10 for two years running. Switzerland (1) remains on top for the 8th year in a row, with considerably improved R&D expenditures continuing to feed its dominance. The Netherlands (2) excels in business sophistication and online creativity.