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Flexible Working: Trust, Freedom and New Leadership

Flexible Working: Trust, Freedom and New Leadership

“Working from home or teleworking during the pandemic has ushered in a new era of productivity, inclusiveness and connectedness. Six business leaders discuss what has changed in the way they communicate and the future use of the office space.”

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Telework is Enabled by Trust, Not Just Technology

Telework is Enabled by Trust, Not Just Technology

“Around a quarter (24%) of workers in “management, business and financial” occupations – such as corporate executives, IT managers, financial analysts, accountants and insurance underwriters – have access to telework. So do 14% of “professional and related” workers, such as lawyers, software designers, scientists and engineers.”

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Edelman Trust Barometer: A Failure of Capitalism


“The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that despite a strong global economy and near full employment, a majority of respondents in every developed market do not believe they will be better off in five years’ time, and 56 percent believe that capitalism in its current form is now doing more harm than good in the world.”

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Blockchain Reliability, Speed, Security, and Scalability

Blockchain Reliability, Speed, Security, and Scalability

84 percent of respondents — representing a cross-section of technology-focused leaders in 15 territories around the world — report involvement with blockchain. To make the most of their initiatives, they’ll need to tackle their trust issues head-on.

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Designing Trust into the Global Networked Economy

Digital Trust market research

Trust is important when it comes to design. Whenever we arrive at a new website or consider a product, we rely on feeling like we trust a brand in order to interact with it. Whether you trust the service or not is the difference between whether you will sign up, make an order, refer a friend, or come back for a second spin.

Source: Quartz

An Explosion of Online Activity and Yet Very Little Trust

The U.S. social network audience is big — including 172.6 million people in 2014, or 54% of the population and 68.6% of internet users. However, many of those users are likely worried about their privacy on such platforms.

66% of those polled said they were concerned about their privacy on social networks such as Facebook.

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How to Survive the Cloud Service Provider Upcoming Shake-Out

The cloud market is on the verge of the next wave of market penetration, yet it’s likely that only one in five Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in today’s marketplace will still be around by 2018 — as providers fail or are swallowed up by aggressive competitors. So what do CSPs need to do to survive and prosper?

CSPs must shift their view of security from a business inhibitor to a business enabler: crucial to maintaining and expanding the overall cloud market and confidence in the model by winning customer trust.

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Earned Media and Online Reviews Drive Consumer Trust

According to Nielsen’s latest “Global Trust in Advertising” report — which surveyed more than 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries — 92 percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family. That’s an increase of 18 percent since 2007.

Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source, with 70 percent of global consumers surveyed online indicating they trust messages on this platform — an increase of 15 percent in four years.

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