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Mobile TV Everywhere Services Still Lack Market Demand

Although pay-TV subscribers and other people are streaming online video content on a regular basis, TV Everywhere services lack both market traction and consumer awareness.

On mobile devices, usage of TV Everywhere is slightly more common through mobile apps vs. mobile websites.

In addition, more survey respondents said they used the apps and mobile sites from pay-TV companies, rather than from TV networks.

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Will TV Everywhere Reverse the Trend for Legacy Pay-TV?

Will TV Everywhere Reverse the Trend for Pay-TV?

U.S. broadband subscriptions are forecast to reach the same level as pay-TV subscriptions in 2016.

Meanwhile, American cable and satellite TV service providers will soon reach a critical point in their evolution — where future success will hinge on the adoption of their TV Everywhere services.

“Based on our continuing analysis of TV Everywhere and over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix, it’s clear that the U.S. pay-TV industry has reached a historic juncture,” said Tom Adams, director and principal analyst at IHS iSuppli.

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Why Broadcast Pay-TV is Losing Subscribers

Users are not interested in device convergence (TV Everywhere); it is content convergence that counts. They are not aware of or interested in how their content is delivered and are increasingly looking for a unified experience that is location independent.

We are now entering the Internet era of TV whereby users can expect an increasingly on-demand and personal viewing experience, and multi-channel video consumption across multiple devices will have a profound effect on future content publishing and monetization.

Over-the-top video (Netflix) effectively allows content owners to by-pass existing TV platforms and take their programming directly to the TV screen from the Internet — in effect becoming a media owner themselves, supported by an integrated companion screen strategy for personalization / engagement.

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TV Everywhere to Reach 80% of Pay-TV Subs

By mid-2011, TV Everywhere services will be available to 81% of U.S. and Canadian pay-TV subscribers through their current service provider, according to a new Parks Associates report entitled TV Everywhere: Growth, Solutions, and Strategies.

U.S. TV service providers in particular have moved aggressively as consumer data show multiscreen services can help reduce churn and attract younger subscribers. Nearly 40% of U.S. broadband consumers ages 18-34 find TV Everywhere very appealing. Globally, service providers are expanding their multiscreen services due to competition from online video sources, the entrance of other operators, and the dramatic increase of online and mobile video usage over the past three years.

“Service providers realize they need to be the consumer’s primary source of video content on all platforms,” said Brett Sappington, senior analyst, Parks Associates. “In North America and Western Europe, TV Everywhere has moved rapidly from a handful of offerings to widespread availability. Today, operators from all sectors, telco, cable and satellite, now offer online access to VOD or live TV, with several adding support for smartphones and tablets.”

Global Leaders of Multi-Screen Service Deployments

North America and Western Europe are showing “significant” growth over Eastern Europe and Asia in multi-screen services, according to a new report from Parks Associates, which predicts that by mid-2011, TV Everywhere services will be available to 81% of U.S. and Canadian pay-TV subscribers.

U.S. providers in particular are described as moving aggressively in this area, due to the fact that multiscreen services are believed to help reduce churn and attract younger subscribers. Almost 40% of U.S. broadband consumers aged 18 to 34 are reported to find TV Everywhere services “very appealing”.

In North America, most multiscreen services are available to subscribers at no extra cost: Comcast is named as being an early leader in this area, launching Fancast Xfinity TV in December 2009.

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