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How Smartphones and Phablets Compete with PC Spending

PC smartphone phablet market research

The decline in PC volume since early 2012 is expected to linger throughout 2016, with later years offering few opportunities to boost volumes as economic issues and other consumer electronic products sap the growth potential, according to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Why PC Market Forecasts Now Reflect the Upside Reality

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According to the latest worldwide market study by ABI Research, 163 million notebook personal computers (PCs) shipped globally during 2015. The majority of shipments were laptop computers, which constituted nearly 80 percent of the category.

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Why Global PC Market Continued an Epic Decline in 2015

personal computer PC market research

The Personal Computer (PC) market has been very volatile for several years. Meanwhile, each new year an industry analyst predicts a small recovery, but the forecast results fail to materialize. We’ve seen this cycle of refutal over and over again.

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163 Million Notebook PCs were Shipped Globally in 2015

Worldwide Notebook PC market research

Looking back on 2015, the PC industry had yet another period of transition, as most vendors either missed the shifting market demand or they had products that were perceived as obsolete. That said, the low-cost high-value Chromebook category actually gained new momentum in the market.

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Why PC Market Growth is Now Expected to Resume in 2017

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Although IDC had expected the second quarter of 2015 to be a transition period, final results nonetheless shrank even more than expected due to the ongoing large inventory of notebook PCs from prior quarters and severe constraints posed by the decline of major currencies relative to the U.S. Dollar.

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Portable Computing Market Outlook Remains Flat in 2015

Portable Computing Market

According to the latest market study by ABI Research, total system shipments for portable computing are predicted to reach 165 million units for full-year 2015 — which is essentially flat compared to 2014 levels. “Segment growth is occurring in Chromebooks, much in part due to purchases by schools,” said Jeff Orr.

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PC Market Continues to Decline Ahead of Windows 10 Release

PC Market Decline

Worldwide PC shipments totaled 66.1 million units in the second quarter of 2015, according to IDC. This represented a year-on-year decline of -11.8% — that’s about one percent below the already low projections for the quarter.

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Global PC Revenue Declines by 3% to $38.4 Billion in Q1 2015

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PC unit shipments were up 1% to 53.6 million in the first quarter, and up by 3% to 227.8 million for the year. However, revenue performance was worse – results for the quarter were down by 3% to $38.4 billion. The key trend; lower-cost PCs and chromebooks continue to gain market share.

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Why PC Shipments will Continue to Decline Throughout 2015

PC Shipments 2015

Worldwide PC shipments will fall by -6.2% in 2015, according to IDC. This will be the fourth consecutive year of declining volumes. The consumer transition to Windows 10 should happen quickly, but the free upgrade reduces the need for a new PC.

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How Open Source Advances All Mainstream Computing Apps

Open Source

Those of us that follow trends in the global consumer electronics market knew that this day would come.  ​Media Tablets will overtake Notebook PCs as the largest mobile computing category this year, according to ABI Research.

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