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Mobile Financial Services Upside in Emerging Markets

Mobile Financial Services Upside in Emerging Markets

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, the total transaction value of the MFS market will exceed $1 trillion by 2024 — that’s rising from $580 billion of current transaction value in 2019.

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Money Transfer Fuels the Global Networked Economy

Money Transfer Fuels the Global Networked Economy

The World Economic Forum used data to visualize global remittance flows, to help convey the magnitude and the necessity of money transfers for people all over the world. India regularly tops the list of remittance-receiving nations due to its big diaspora.

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Fintech Lender Platform Revenue will Reach $10.5 Billion

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There are numerous factors driving the adoption of financial technology (fintech) market development. Particularly within emerging nations, technology vendors and service providers are looking at ways to provide services to individuals who previously have never used financial services — they’re often referred to as the un-banked population.

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How Micro-Finance Users will Reach 283 Million by 2020

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Both micro-finance providers, and mobile carriers, are driving a surge in financial inclusion for the un-banked populace in developing nations, through the provision of sophisticated mobile finance services, according to Juniper Research.

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