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More Pricing Competition in the Pay-TV Set-Top Box Market

pay-tv set top box market trends

The global set-top box (STB) market — including IP/cable/satellite/DTT STBs, OTT media servers, and HDMI dongles — totaled $4.2 billion in 1Q15, slipping 3 percent from 4Q14.  IHS expects the number of HDMI dongles sold worldwide to top 27 million by 2019. Meanwhile, cable TV STB sales fell 2 percent worldwide in 1Q15, to $1.5 billion.

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OTT Video Streaming Gained Momentum in American Homes

OTT video streaming devices

Hulu reported that between Q1 2014 and Q1 2015, the share of U.S. viewers on over-the-top (OTT) video devices rose from 44% to 58%. At the same time, desktop and laptop PCs saw their share drop from 41% to 24%, while mobile devices held relatively steady.

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How Europe is Helping to Grow Netflix Subscriptions Worldwide

Europe Netflix Subscriptions

In 2015, Netflix was expected to have an estimated 69.9 million subscribers around the world, compared with 54.5 million at the end of 2014 — that’s a projected gain of 28 percent.

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Disruptions Ahead in the Global Video Entertainment Sector

Internet TV and video entertainment

A snapshot of the TV market 10 years from now includes on-demand services having a relatively small impact on revenue (accounting for around 10% of the total market in 2025) and a global market that will continue to grow by around 3.5% a year, on average — a large percentage of which will come from emerging countries.


Mobile Video Viewing Grew by 126.7% During Last 12 Months

Mobile Video Viewing

Short-form content remains the most popular type of video viewed on mobile phones. In Q1 2015, videos under 3 minutes accounted for nearly half of time spent watching video via smartphones.

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Why UK Television Ownership Continues to Decline in 2015

UK Television ownership

Ownership of traditional television sets in the United Kingdom has fallen to its lowest level since 1972. Figures from the UK industry ratings body BARB show that 1.72 million households declared that they did not have a television set.

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Watching Broadcast Television will Continue to Decline

TV trends 2015

Traditional TV viewing took a beating in Q1 2015. Every age group watched less traditional television in the first quarter compared to Q1 2014. The biggest declines are in the 18-24 year olds, where time watching fell over 16%, to 93 hours and 19 minutes a month.

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