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World Economic Forum: 2020 Technology Pioneers

World Economic Forum: 2020 Technology Pioneers

Explore the World Economic Forum ‘2020 Technology Pioneers’. From artificial intelligence (AI) to carbon capture, this year’s cohort is using innovations to protect the climate, improve healthcare and much more, helping us to reset society and build towards a better future.

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Strategic Intelligence from The World Economic Forum

Strategic Intelligence from The World Economic Forum

In addition to the human curation by the Forum’s unique expert network, Strategic Intelligence uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology in order to curate the most relevant publications, videos and data visualizations, as well as identify emerging trends and themes.

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Davos: Why the Skills Gap Concerns Global Leaders

Davos: Why the Skills Gap Concerns Global Leaders

“Three of the jobs in the World Economic Forum’s ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ report – cloud, engineering and data clusters, which are also among the fastest-growing overall – require disruptive tech skills like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, or cloud computing.”

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Davos: The World’s Most Talent Competitive Countries, 2020

The World’s Most Talent Competitive Countries, 2020

This year’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index, which includes 132 countries, focuses on AI and talent competitiveness. Adapting to this new way of working is important for countries to grow their economies and stay globally competitive.


Davos: Building the Cognitive Enterprise in 2020

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A new era of business reinvention is dawning. Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, and regulatory forces. We call this next-generation business model the Cognitive Enterprise.”


Davos 2020: Why Digital Luddites Fear AI Innovation


“From the days when Luddites smashed looms in pre-industrial Britain to our current worries concerning artificial intelligence, we’ve long considered machines an existential threat to our livelihoods. And yet economies – especially in the developed world – have survived.”

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2020 Transformation Maps – Strategic Intelligence from WEF


The World Economic Forum has developed its Strategic Intelligence capabilities to help make sense of the complex forces driving transformational change across economies, industries, and global issues.

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Artificial Intelligence vs Blockchain at Davos 2019

Artificial Intelligence vs Blockchain at Davos 2019

Artificial intelligence has replaced blockchain as ‘the big conversation’ for executives. There were 11 public sessions on AI, the most of any topic – 85% percent of CEOs thought that AI and machine learning from huge data sets would dramatically change their business over the next five years.

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Future of Work: 5 Top Insights from Davos Experts

Future of Work: 5 Top Insights from Davos Experts

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says that as automation continues apace the skills gap and job insecurity fears are real. “When we talk of a skills crisis, I really do believe that 100 % of jobs will change,” she says.

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The Open Innovation Network for Globalization 4.0

The Open Innovation Network for Globalization 4.0

The theme for Davos-Klosters 2019 is “Globalization 4.0: Shaping a New Architecture in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” A key component of the international debate will be about how the transformation is introducing technologies at a speed and scale unparalleled in history.

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