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Mainframe Innovation Supports AI, Blockchain and More

Mainframe Innovation Supports AI, Blockchain and More

Mainframe modernization is giving enterprises not only the ability to continue to run their legacy applications, but also allows them to embrace new technologies such as containerized microservices, blockchain and mobile apps.

via Ensono and Wipro

Agile ERP: How to Become a Top Performer

Agile ERP: How to Become a Top Performer

Agile organizations have a 70% chance of being in the top quartile of organizational health, the best indicator of long-term performance. Moreover, such companies simultaneously achieve greater customer centricity, faster time to market, higher revenue growth, lower costs, and a more engaged workforce.

via McKinsey

Enterprise Software Revenue will Exceed $1 Trillion

Enterprise Software Revenue will Exceed $1 Trillion

As global enterprise spending on software surpasses the $1 trillion mark in the coming decade, the growth rate of software spending will slow to 4% per annum from 7% historically. A buyers’ market for enterprise software will emerge.

via Forrester

Quantum Computing Revenue will Reach $9.1 Billion

Quantum Computing Revenue will Reach $9.1 Billion

A quantum system can process and analyze all data simultaneously and then return the best solution, along with thousands of close alternatives. The total enterprise quantum computing market revenue will reach $9.1 billion annually by 2030 — that’s up from just $111.6 million in 2018.

via Tractica

Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud Empowers Digital Business

Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Empowers Digital Business

Despite the growth of cloud over the past decade, for most organizations, only 20 percent of workloads have made their way to the public cloud — and these are not yet companies’ core mission-critical workloads. The 80 percent that remains is where real enterprise value lies.

via Institute for Business Value

Why Cloud-Never Enterprise Apps Modernization Matters

Why Cloud-Never Enterprise Apps Modernization Matters

“Of course, even with all the training and tools in the world, not all of the remaining 80% of traditional legacy enterprise applications will move to the cloud. For many good reasons, including regulatory, security concerns, and unclear ROI (return on investment), certain applications simply won’t become cloud native anytime soon (or ever).”

via TECHnalysis

How Cloud and AI Influence IT Investment Strategy

How Cloud and AI Influence IT Investment Strategy

Worldwide IT spending is forecast to total $3.79 trillion in 2019 — that’s an increase of just 1.1 percent from 2018, according to the latest global market study by Gartner.

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The Enterprise AR and VR Ecosystem is Driving ROI

The Enterprise AR and VR Ecosystem is Driving ROI

Mobile Augmented Reality has hundreds of millions of compatible and configured smartphones and tablets that could run enterprise mobile AR already, but active business users make up a very small percentage.

via Digi Capital

Digital Transformation Analytics – 5 Key Steps to Progress

Digital Transformation Analytics - 5 Key Steps to Progress

“Once they’ve laid the business objectives and building blocks groundwork, enterprises can develop their digital transformation analytics roadmap. In order to achieve the desired business outcomes from the analytics process, they need to embrace a structured, five-step iterative approach.”

via Everest Group

Sixteen Top Enterprise IT Trends

Sixteen Top Enterprise IT Trends

From cloud computing to cold storage, the future of enterprise IT is fast approaching in 2019. We analyzed signals across industry adoption and market strength to identify 16 of the top enterprise IT trends to watch this year.

via CB Insights