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Robotic Process Automation: $2.9 Billion Market Upside

Robotic Process Automation: $2.9 Billion Market Upside

Just a few years ago, conversations about robotic process automation (RPA) were scattered and far between. Today, the RPA market is estimated to reach $2.9 billion by 2021, and conversations are becoming more frequent.

via Forrester

Mainframe in the Era of Digital Transformation

Mainframe in the Era of Digital Transformation

Businesses today have the opportunity to introduce a mix of digital engagement and commerce technologies to transform their organizational activities, processes, competencies and models. At the center of this, the mainframe remains a key player.


Digital Transformation Investment will Reach $5.5 Trillion

Digital Transformation Investment will Reach $5.5 Trillion

International Data Corporation (IDC) unveiled their “FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation (DX) 2019 Predictions.” Within their predictions, IDC has identified two DX organization segments that are based on specific market trends and leadership attributes.

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Banking with Blockchain will Increase Money Transfers

Banking with Blockchain Increases Money Transfers

Global remittances totaled $613 billion in 2017, marking a 7% increase from $573 billion in 2016. Factors such as stricter immigration policies have possibly resulted in an increase in the number of remittance payments this year, and the 2018 figures are expected to rise accordingly.

via World Economic Forum

Chief Digital Officer: Where’s the Business Case


“Digital is no longer about mobile and web, but includes emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, mixed reality, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT), and demands a new set of skills and thinking.”

via Wharton

Digital Economy: Grappling With Globalization 4.0

Digital Economy: Grappling With Globalization 4.0

The world is experiencing an economic and political upheaval that will not cease any time soon. The forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have ushered in a new economy and a new form of globalization, both of which demand new forms of governance to safeguard the public good.

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Quick-Start AI: Your Rapid Path to Business Results

Quick-Start AI: Your Rapid Path to Business Results

Many businesses have realized that their unique data assets are key to competitive success, and now they want to utilize that data to work with AI. To scale, your IT team needs to adopt new tools and techniques that will allow them to get better results and deliver more insights to your business stakeholders.

via IBM IT