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Upside Growth: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Upside Growth: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Productivity gains from new technology in one industry can lower production costs in others through input-output linkages, contributing to increased demand and employment across industries. Higher demand and more production in one industry raise demand for other industries.

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How Fintech is Reshaping Financial Services

How Fintech is Reshaping Financial Services

“Over the past several years, fintech firms have disrupted traditional banking paradigms. By combining modern technology with a laser focus on improving consumer experiences, large and small fintech firms have brought unprecedented changes to the banking industry.”

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Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue will Reach $1.15 Billion

Remote Patient Monitoring Revenue will Reach $1.15B

AI technology is poised to become more visible across the healthcare process and clinical workflows. There will be significant opportunities in the virtual assistant space and other data-driven AI applications,” said Chandni Mathur, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

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How Blockchain and P2P Enables Sustainable Energy

How Blockchain and P2P Enables Sustainable Energy

“Initial results of this study are suggesting blockchain can facilitate the decentralized electricity markets that create more grid flexibility – as long as we have enough decentralized computational power to support the market.”

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Public Cloud Revenue will Reach $500 Billion in 2023

Public Cloud Revenue will Reach $500 Billion in 2023

Worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will more than double over the 2019-2023 forecast period, according to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC).

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How to Protect Your Data While Adopting Blockchain

How to Protect Your Data While Adopting Blockchain

“Data is a precious commodity in the supply chain. But leveraging its value with blockchain raises commercial and compliance issues, which have the potential to significantly hinder blockchain adoption if left unaddressed.”

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Consumption-Based AI Pricing Enables Greater Adoption


Cost is one of the biggest inhibitors to enterprise AI adoption. Suppliers can empower their clients to overcome this hurdle by offering granular, consumption-based pricing and flexible licensing for all AI offerings, from core technologies, applications, APIs, or services.

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