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London, UK: a Smart City in the Global Networked Economy

According to a 2015 Markets and Markets report, the global Smart Cities market will grow from $411 billion in 2014 to $1,135 billion by 2019 and the impressive Smart Cities conference in Barcelona last week brought together all the stakeholders to discuss the ways cities can use technology to become more responsive.

Source: Telegraph

Why Cloud Computing Adoption is Still Driven by Lower TCO

public cloud computing market research

Today, 72% of organizations have a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. And, as 56% of technology decision-makers are still investigating where cloud use can be leveraged, it is important to understand usage plans across various cloud service models and business drivers.

Source: IDG

How Multi-Cloud Solutions Can Reduce Computing Costs

North America cloud price index market research

In the latest quarterly update to the Cloud Price Index (CPI), 451 Research details the savings that public cloud buyers can achieve, by shopping around for the lowest-cost services for each part of their Web application.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Global Connected Cars Market will Reach 420 Million in 2020

IOT connected car market research

On the market side, according to the latest IDATE forecast, 420 million automobiles will be connected in 2020 — that’s representing a 34% CAGR on the 74 million connected vehicles reported in 2014.

Source: IDATE

How IoT Technology Enables More Sustainable Cities

smart city internet of things market research

Technology will play a critical role in helping cities become more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. Data collected from IoT sensors embedded into city infrastructure, like the sewer systems in Buenos Aires, will help ensure basic services are working.

Source: World Economic Forum

How Retailers will Apply Local Proximity Marketing in 2016

retail beacon proximity market research

With 82% of shoppers making their actual purchasing decision in-aisle, it’s no wonder that vendors are betting on beacons and indoor positioning systems to help marketers interact with consumers in real time.

Source: Forrester

Public Cloud Computing Market will Reach $133 Billion in 2018

public cloud computing market research

Today, cloud computing is an essential enabler of forward-looking digital transformation projects that empower organizations across the globe. When combined with DevOps methodologies, these IT capabilities are helping developers rapidly build the infrastructure for new disruptive business models.

Source: Digital Lifescapes


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