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Business Cloud Voice Over IP Gains Momentum in 2016


Worldwide cloud VoIP private branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC) revenue totaled $4.7 billion in the first half of 2016 (H1 2016), growing 12 percent from a year ago (H1 2015).

Source: IHS Market

How a Blockchain Would Boost the UK GDP by 3 Percent

blockchain banks market research

The digital transformation potential of a¬†blockchain has been compared to the way that email transformed how we exchange information —¬†from a letter that takes days, if not weeks, to arrive by post, to an instant message in your email inbox.

Source: World Economic Forum

Blockchain: Exploring the Numerous eCommerce Apps

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Cross-border remittance, in particular, is seen as an area where blockchain technology could have a very positive impact on the old business process. The total value of ‘official’ cross-border remittance in 2015 was $582 billion, of which $436 billion was sent to recipients in emerging or developing nations.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Mobility as a Service Revenues will Reach $1 Trillion in 2030

mobility as a service market research

According to the latest market study by ABI Research, global MaaS revenues will exceed $1 trillion by 2030. The anticipated impact on traditional transportation modes — such as car ownership, buses, trains, taxis, and rental cars — is causing a reevaluation of the economic foundation for legacy transportation companies.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Software Defined Networking Moves into the Mainstream

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The top drivers for service provider SDN investments are simplification and automation of network and service provisioning. Meanwhile, most operators are moving from initial SDN proof-of-concept evaluations to their first commercial deployments in 2016 and 2017.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Coexistence: Adopting an Optimal IT Infrastructure Model

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In previous global market studies, senior executive decision makers have stated that they are likely to always have a blend of traditional on-premises IT and cloud-based services. Cloud computing has enabled organizations to increase their overall utilization of existing IT assets.

Source: Business Technology Roundtable

How to Develop Blockchain Technology Opportunities

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Blockchain is poised to go mainstream. It now has a defined purpose in tracking asset exchanges and histories in nearly every industry from banking, to wholesale and retail, supply chains, manufacturing, health care, legal, the Internet of Things, government, and more.