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The Digital Transformation of Agriculture Enabled by IoT

Agriculture's Digital Transformation Enabled by IoT Apps

By 2024, over 2 million farms and 36 million cattle will be connected, according to ABI Research. There’s a significant upside opportunity for IoT apps within the agricultural market — specifically connected agriculture in field crops, tree crops, and livestock.

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Universal Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence Trends

Universal Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence Trends

“Ongoing digitalization and the introduction of new technologies, like telehealth and AI, are already breaking down boundaries and creating patient-centric healthcare systems.”

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps Marketplace

Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps Marketplace

“Mobile AR looks like the medium-term mass-market for AR/VR, with over 850 million installed base by the end of last year, and a Digi-Capital forecast over 2.5 billion by 2023.”

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Digital Trust: The World’s Most Valuable Commodity

Digital Trust: The World's Most Valuable Commodity

“The public and private sectors in the United States are beginning to get serious about defining an ethical framework for AI, including how to best protect, organize, and use the data it is scrutinizing.”

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Big Data Analytics Revenue will Reach $274.3 Billion

Big Data Analytics Revenue will Reach $274.3 Billion

Digital transformation is a key driver of BDA spending with executive-level initiatives resulting in deep assessments of current business practices and demands for better, faster, and more comprehensive access to data and related analytics and insights,” said Dan Vesset, group vice president at IDC.

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IT Hourly Downtime Costs Rise Again in 2019

IT Hourly Downtime Costs Rise Again in 2019

“A single hour of downtime now costs 98% of firms at least $100,000. And 86% of businesses say that the cost for one hour of downtime is $300,000 or higher.”

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Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Outlook for 2019

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Outlook for 2019

After three consecutive years of growth, with year-over-year growth of 13.2% in 2018, IDC now forecasts that worldwide semiconductor revenue will decline to $440 billion in 2019 — that’s down 7.2% from $474 billion in 2018.

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