Cloud Professional Services Market will Reach $55B in 2020

cloud professional services

The cloud professional services market, which TBR currently values at $35 billion, is expected to grow at a 9% CAGR, reaching $55 billion by 2020. “The need for advisory services regarding cloud computing adoption holds strong, despite the continued maturation of the cloud landscape.”

via TBR

Why the Growing Shadow IT Trend Worries Legacy CIOs

IT Communication in Crisis

Communication between IT and non-IT employees is in a state of crisis. Four out of five IT leaders claim that building trust and credibility is highly important. However, only 4% believe that they are highly effective in communicating with their Line of Business colleagues.

via CIO Executive Council

How the Mobile eMail Channel Performs for UK Marketers

Mobile Email UK Marketer

In the UK, email open rates on mobile remain impressive. According to a study which monitored activity on its platform, 71% of total email opens in the UK during Q1 2015 took place on mobile devices. Smartphones were the largest contributors to the pie, with a 42% share.

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Cloud IT Infrastructure Growth Continues to Blossom in 2015

Cloud IT Infrastructure

Hardware vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products  — including server, storage, and ethernet switches — for all cloud computing use-cases, grew by 25.1 percent year over year to nearly $6.3 billion in the first quarter of 2015.

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More IT Organizations Prepare for Enterprise Mobility Expansion

commercial tablet software applications

Global media tablet sales will grow at a 21% CAGR between 2014 and 2019, which translates into unit sales of 123.9 million units in 2019. Use-cases for business apps continue to produce double-digit growth. As open source mobile app development for tablets advances, the pressure increases on IT to support BYOD policies.

via Strategy Analytics

Digital Transformation is Guided by Our Creative Imagination

digital business transformation

“The two most powerful processes in business are putting new technology at the core of ideation and forgetting everything we’ve ever learned. It’s the re-imagination of what’s possible with the oxygen of technology at the core.”

via TM Forum

Cloud-based Big Data Services will Grow in Western Europe

Cloud-based Big Data Services Europe

Big data analytics is gradually gaining traction and involves collecting data from smart systems — such as in-vehicle infotainment, smart meters, and kiosks. The big data services market in Western Europe is expected to grow by 28.74% during 2014 to 2019.

via Technavio


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