Worldwide Smartphone Growth May Have Peaked in 2015


mobile smartphone market research

Vendors shipped a total of 334.9 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2016 (1Q16), up slightly from the 334.3 million units in 1Q15, marking the smallest year-over-year growth on record.

Source: IDC

Mobile IoT Technology Apps are Expanding in Healthcare Sector

healthcare IoT m2m wearable market research

Across the globe, wireless technology vendors and telecom service providers are assisting companies in the healthcare sector to develop new telecare system applications. The huge amounts of data that’s being created has fueled demand for cloud-based storage solutions.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Hyperscale Cloud has a Huge Impact on Vendor Strategy

telecom service provider cloud market research

According to the latest worldwide market study by Technology Business Research (TBR), Cloud as a Service revenue — which includes public and private cloud services — attained by the traditional telecom network operators, will reach almost $10 billion annually in 2019.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Global Networked Economy – The Fragmented Landscape

global networked economy market research

In a World Economic Forum white paper published earlier this year, three leading experts, including Vinton Cerf, widely regarded as the “father of the internet”, map out the fragmentation landscape, concluding with a top 10 list of forces to be watched.

Source: World Economic Forum

Ongoing Transition to Cloud Disrupts the Legacy Vendors

Cloud Computing PaaS market research

Last year was challenging for many traditional software vendors, particularly those that have been slow to embrace the shift to cloud services. Worldwide application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) software revenue totaled $23.9 billion in 2015 — that’s 0.1 percent growth from 2014, according to the latest study by Gartner.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

8.5 Million 5G Small Cells will be Deployed Worldwide by 2020

5G small cells market research

The next wave of mobile internet service adoption will be supported by fifth-generation (5G) wireless technologies that form the foundation for many new applications, including numerous iterations of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Telecom Provider Cloud Services Must Evolve in 2016

telecom service provider cloud market research

Cloud as a Service revenue, which includes public and private cloud services, from telecom operators will reach almost $10 billion annually in 2019. Though carrier cloud providers will continue to increase revenue annually, growth will decelerate over the next several years.

Source: TBR


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