Growing Impact of AI on the World Economy

Growing Impact of AI on the World Economy

Artificial intelligence¬†has the potential to incrementally add 16 percent or around $13 trillion by 2030 to current global economic output — an annual average contribution to productivity growth of about 1.2 percent between now and 2030.

via WSJ

Telematics in Insurance Creates Upside Opportunity

Telematics in Insurance Creates Upside Opportunity

“We expect the market for usage-based insurance (UBI) to grow substantially at a CAGR of ~40 percent during 2018-2020, with an estimated 35-40 million UBI policies in force by the end of 2020. This is certainly impressive growth.”

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Industry 4.0: Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing

The market for Industry 4.0 products and services is expected to grow to $310 Billion by 2023. That forecast is based on the state of I4.0 adoption across manufacturing verticals and the analysis of two distinct technological subsets.

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How Remote Work Enables Digital Productivity

How Remote Work Enables Digital Productivity

“Not only do workers feel more productive, but their employers also agree: 72% of companies with remote-work policies say they make workers more productive. Another 22% say remote workers are equally as productive, and only 3% say their workers are less productive at home.”

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More CMOs Seek Agile Digital Polymath Talent

More CMOs Seek Agile Digital Polymath Talent

CMOs that invest in their in-house digital marketing capabilities and business model will benefit from a valuable in-house partner to collaborate with external creative and media agency partners. This provides both in-house and external agencies a role.

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Protecting Customer Data is a Top Challenge for CMOs

Protecting Customer Data is a Top Challenge for CMOs

The proliferation of data breaches is happening at a time when marketers are becoming more reliant upon user data. In a survey of 226 CMOs worldwide, 42 percent of respondents said that protecting customer data is one of their top data-related challenges.

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Robotic Exoskeleton Revenue will Reach $5.8 Billion

Robotic Exoskeleton Revenue will Reach $5.8 Billion

Across a range of applications, exoskeletons are increasingly being introduced to augment human capability — for assistive purposes in the workplace, and for enabling or rehabilitative purposes in the healthcare market.

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