Smart Home Solutions Revenue to Reach $135.3 Billion

Smart Home Solutions Revenue to Reach $135.3 Billion

The global smart home market size is expected to grow from $78.3 billion in 2020 to $135.3 billion by 2025 — that’s a CAGR of 11.6%. The growth is driven by increasing internet users, the income of people in developing economies, home monitoring in remote locations, and the need for energy-saving & low carbon emission solutions.

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Building a Digital Society and Trust in Europe

Building a Digital Society and Trust in Europe

Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital society long before the COVID-19 pandemic, providing services such as electronic voting, online learning in schools and digital healthcare. Estonia’s success is about much more than technological innovation.

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Digital Growth: The Secret to Thriving Retailers

Digital Growth: The Secret to Thriving Retailers

“The resilience of these companies is due to one simple fact: They have transformed their traditional business models rapidly by leveraging a plethora of digital practices. And this transformation is hardly unique to China: It is what players must undertake in the economy of the pandemic to survive.”

via MIT Sloan

Digital Twin Apps in Industrial Markets Gain Momentum

Digital Twin Apps in Industrial Markets Gain Momentum

IT innovations, such as Big Data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), software analytics and cloud solutions — as well as the growing demand for sensors to capture and process data — have been significant drivers for the adoption of Digital Twin use cases.

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How Open Banking Enables Competitive Differentiation

How Open Banking Enables Competitive Differentiation

“Open banking IT service providers can help banks build the capabilities they desire. To do so, they are investing in business advisory assets to help financial services firms plug the gaps in their business change management initiatives. They are also investing in Fintech partnerships, talent and solutions.”

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Why B2B Marketers Fail with ABM and Lead Generation

Why B2B Marketers Fail with ABM and Lead Generation

“It is simply impossible to determine the success of marketing on the basis of leads or accounts. It’s time for B2B marketers to make the shift from leads to buying groups and opportunities. Here are the top three concepts B2B marketers need when moving to buying groups.”

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IoT Business Model Development Lessons Learned

IoT Business Model Development Lessons Learned

Developing an IoT business model and commercializing the solution is not simple but it can be a game-changer.  In fact, 61% of new study participants claim that it allowed their company to achieve a competitive advantage compared to their competition.

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Remote Work: The Productivity Benefits are Proof Positive

Remote Work: The Productivity Benefits are Proof Positive

“More than three-quarters of the respondents said their organization’s overall productivity has increased in the current COVID-19 period. The average improvement in productivity was just over 13 percent, as compared to before the pandemic period.”

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Ranking The World’s Top 8 Supercomputers in 2020

Ranking The World's Top 8 Supercomputers in 2020

“Japanese supercomputer Fugaku zipped past all competitors to claim the top spot in the twice-annual ranking of the world’s most powerful computational machines released by research project Top500.”

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How Remote Work is Enabled by Just-in-Time Learning

How Remote Work is Enabled by Just-in-Time Learning

“When wide swaths of the global workforce had to quickly pivot to working from home, skills gaps emerged. In March and April 2020, LinkedIn Learning experienced its largest spike in history, as employees spent 130% more time learning than they had in the first two months of the year.”

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