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How Fintech Disrupts Retail And Commercial Banks

How Fintech Disrupts Retail And Commercial Banks

“Variations on the digital challenger bank model championed in Europe are spreading globally with new entrants targeting niche customer pain points. Collectively this year, startups in our market map have raised over $1.7B in venture capital.”

via CB Insights

Smart City Innovation for Emerging Markets

Smart City Innovation for Emerging Markets

“There are several reasons why ‘smart city’ technologies rarely address the most important challenges of low and medium-income cities. For one, the overwhelming focus of the first generation of smart city vendors was on wealthy cities in mature economies.”

via World Economic Forum

In-Store Retail Technology Innovation Gains Momentum

In-Store Retail Technology Innovation Gains Momentum

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, retail spending at new frictionless payment stores — such as Amazon Go — will increase from an estimated $253 million in 2018 to over $45 billion by 2023.

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Why Android Dominates Smartphone Software Apps

Why Android Dominates Smartphone Software Apps

Since 2010, the smartphone landscape has changed beyond recognition. Unit sales have exploded, growing from 297 million to over 1.5 billion today, and squabbles over market share have been replaced by the ascendancy of two powerful platforms. The winner: an open source OS.

via World Economic Forum

Blitzscaling Basics for Aspiring Growth Hackers

Blitzscaling Basics for Aspiring Growth Hackers

“Blitzscaling is what we call both the general framework and the specific techniques that allow companies to achieve massive scale at incredible speed. If you’re growing at a rate that is so much faster than your competitors that it makes you feel uncomfortable, then hold on tight, you might be blitzscaling!”

via Strategy + Business

Exploring CPG and Retailer Blockchain Initiatives

The Top CPG & Consumer Blockchain Initiatives

“Walmart is forcing all of its leafy greens suppliers onto the blockchain. We explore other retailers and CPG companies leveraging blockchain to improve transparency, increase consumer trust, and save on supply chain costs.”

via CB Insights

Why Blockchain Adoption in Europe will Thrive

Why Blockchain Adoption in Europe will Thrive

According to IDC’s new Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide, Europe will be the second-largest investor in blockchain technologies, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80.2% for 2017–2022, closing the gap with the U.S., the biggest blockchain investor.

via IDC