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Digital Government Leadership Transformed Estonia

Digital Government Leadership Transformed Estonia

“No nation will change just because it goes digital. Every state is a culture, and that mix of what makes up a nation’s personality remains the same in the analog and digital worlds. Every country has to find its own path.”

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How a $1.3 Billion Institution Launched a Digital Bank

How a $1.3 Billion Institution Launched a Digital Bank

“Most community banking providers can’t match the digital sophistication of megabanks. But River Valley Bank and it’s aptly named ‘IncredibleBank’ online unit prove that small fish can swim with the sharks. Here’s how this community bank manages to innovate and thrive without selling its soul.”

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The World’s Best Cities Ranking for Technology

The World's Best Cities Ranking for Technology

Venture capital investment hotspots, tech cities are outperforming other global centers. GDP in the ‘Savills’ 30’ is set to rise by 36 percent in the next decade, compared to just 19 percent across other developed cities.

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IBM Think: Live Event, February 11-15


You’re invited to our event – view live video streaming from the IBM Think 2019 conference. Learn from inspiring speakers and top experts as they share insights, discuss trends, tell stories, and predict what’s next for business and technology.

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How Machine Learning will Advance Human Skills

How Machine Learning will Advance Human Skills

“For most of us, the more we use technology, the better we get at learning shortcuts. AI is the same. Machine learning, an increasingly impressive branch of AI, enables machines to process data and learn on their own, compounding knowledge as each additional piece of data is acquired.”

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Global IT Spending will Reach $3.76 Trillion in 2019

Global IT Spending will Reach $3.76 Trillion in 2019

Predictions about the potential for an economic slowdown in 2019 apparently haven’t impacted digital business growth aspirations. As more CEOs focus their executive team attention toward digital transformation investments, IT vendors are preparing for the new demand.

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8 Top Stories from Davos 2019

A person passes by a logo of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the congress centre ahead of the Annual Meeting 2016 of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland

We’ve got the skills, we’ve got the technology, we should now have the courage to be ahead of the curve,” said South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa. The technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as AI and blockchain, would allow the continent to leapfrog ahead.

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