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Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Agility and Digital Practices Transform the Boardroom

Creating an Agile Board is a journey, not a playbook. It takes experimentation, learning and practice. If businesses are to successfully navigate the waters of disruption, agility needs to be practiced and demonstrated from the very top.

via World Economic Forum

Holiday Online Retail Shopping Trend Breaks Record

Holiday Online Retail Shopping Trend Breaks Record

This year’s online retail holiday weekend proved, yet again, the power of discounts. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all posted +28 percent or higher digital commerce spending versus 2017, according to comScore.

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Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Explore Data Commercialization Upside Opportunities

Insights-driven companies derive value from their data. They systematically use data to deliver better customer experiences, improve operations, and create competitive differentiation — all of which adds to the bottom line.”

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How Mobile Fuels Global Digital Commerce Growth

How Mobile Fuels Global Digital Commerce Growth

Today, 4 billion people are connected to the internet, and nearly all of them (92.6%) do so using their mobile devices. Every day, 85% of users (3.4 billion people) connect to the internet and spend, on average, six-and-a-half hours online. Consumers are spending more time, with increasing frequency, on an expanded range of diverse digital activities.

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Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

Future of Work: Open Innovation and Flexible Talent

“58% of respondents say they have no capability to use open innovation and crowdsourced ideas, and only 9% agree strongly that they can do this. Organizations need to do more to take advantage of the ideas and skills from the wider market – not just from their traditional employee base.”

via PwC

Global Networked Economy: Digital Talent Quest

Global Networked Economy Digital Talent Quest

“Nearly 75% of all high-skilled migrants reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia; over 70% of software engineers in Silicon Valley are foreign-born. But today’s leaders could well be tomorrow’s laggards.”

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Global Hyperscale Cloud Capital Investment Update

Global Hyperscale Cloud Capital Investment Update

Business at the hyperscale operators is booming. Over the last four quarters, their year-on-year revenue growth has averaged 24% and they are investing an ever-growing percentage of their revenues in capex,” said John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst at Synergy Research Group.

via Synergy Research Group