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How Innovation Accelerators Lead Business Transformation

Innovation Accelerators - Red Hat and HBR

More CEOs are setting bold IT innovation goals for their company. Meanwhile, CIOs are tasked to quickly build the required business technology infrastructure. What’s the primary motivation? The growing expectation that all leading organizations will achieve their key strategic business objectives via superior IT-enabled advancements.

via Business Technology Roundtable

Network Functions Virtualization will Enable Many New Benefits

NFV open source

Network Functions Virtualization is a new way to design, deploy and manage networking services. NFV removes many critical network functions from proprietary hardware appliances so they can run as software. This may not sound like such a big idea at first, but it’s actually revolutionary.

via TM Forum

Global Mobile Apps Market is Big, and Getting Bigger in 2015

mobile applications forecast

Mobile investment is growing as quickly as mobile device usage and revenue, with $14 billion invested in Q1 2015 – that’s up 120% compared to Q1 2014. The $41 billion of mobile investments in the 12 months to Q1 2015 was dominated by travel/transport and mCommerce software apps.

via Digi-Capital

SDN and NFV Create a Demand for New Professional Services

SDN NFV professional services and training

Telecom network operators require substantial help from the vendor community. They need SDN and NFV platform professional services, starting with consulting, then planning, which leads to systems integration, and finally to training their technical staff to run these software-defined networks.

via TBR

IT Architect Role in the Evolved Open Source Marketplace

IT Architect open source

The role of an IT Architect has fundamentally changed. Solutions that were not even thinkable five years ago are now standard practice — Open Source cloud computing software, virtual services like servers, desktops and storage are other examples.

via Content Loop

Wearable Fitness Technology is Already Applied by UK Doctors

Mobile Fitness Healthcare

Among UK healthcare professionals polled in January 2015, nearly half (48.1%) intended to use health data recorded via their patients’ smartphones within five years, and one in 10 physicians already did so.

via eMarketer

Why Smartphone Software App Adoption is a Leading KPI

Smartphone Software Apps

Now the smartphone market has reached saturation in America, with low single-digit growth rates, more market research emphasis will be focused on software applications. Offering guidance, comScore released data about the key trends in the U.S. smartphone industry for March 2015.

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