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Growth of SDN in Telco Data Centers Increased in Q4 2015

software defined networking market research

Purchases of SDN software for telecom network operators’ data centers increased more than 70% year-on-year to $52 million, and use of SDN in white box, brite box, and hybrid physical underlay networks increased at a similar rate.

Source: ACG Research

How More CEOs are Embracing Data Analytics in 2016

big data analytics market research

Data and analytics capabilities have become a top priority for businesses, with many organizations using the discipline to help gain a competitive advantage and improve the customer experience. In fact, many organizations place such high value on data and analytics that primary responsibility for the function lies with the company CEO.

Source: eMarketer

Ongoing Transition to Cloud Disrupts the Legacy Vendors

Cloud Computing PaaS market research

Last year was challenging for many traditional software vendors, particularly those that have been slow to embrace the shift to cloud services. Worldwide application infrastructure and middleware (AIM) software revenue totaled $23.9 billion in 2015 — that’s 0.1 percent growth from 2014, according to the latest study by Gartner.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Video Game Industry Rebounds in First Quarter 2016

global video game market research

The games investment market was dominated by games tech, web games and console/PC games sectors, with the largest deals in Asia. Note, the previously dominant mobile games sector took under 10% of games investment in the first quarter, where it had taken around $4 of every $10 invested in games in previous years.

Source: Digi-Capital

Organizations in Asia-Pacific Adopt Big Data Analytics

big data analytics market research

Big Data and analytics-related services marketing will grow from $3.8 billion to $7.0 billion in 2019 at a 16.3% CAGR, driven by the growing demand for analytics-related systems integration and BPO services. Also, 53% in the Asia-Pacific region say Big Data and analytics is important.

Source: IDC

Software Subscription Models have Upset the Status Quo


According to the latest worldwide market study by Technology Business Research (TBR), software providers that also have hardware portfolios are implementing flexible delivery models, and now they’re marketing the implied value of their unified and optimized product portfolios.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Software-Defined Data Centers Gained New Momentum

software defined IT market research

Many traditional IT vendors were challenged in 2015. The average revenue and gross profit margin slipped year-to-year as demand for legacy hardware vendor implementations declined, according to the latest worldwide market study by Technology Business Research (TBR).

Source: Digital Lifescapes


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