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Digital Business Transformation – How to Renovate the IT Core

With the value of legacy IT diminishing, it’s imperative to tap into modernization, measurement and management to create a strong IT ecosystem. We asked David Mitchell Smith, vice president and Gartner Fellow, to explain the IT core renovation process and what’s needed for it to thrive.

Source: Gartner

Digital Transformation: How to Crossover the Skills Chasm

Digital Business Transformation

The HBR market research team completed a global study of the path that several organizations have taken to develop and deliver the digital learning support resources that their key internal stakeholders both need and want. The results may be familiar to many CEOs that have, or are about to, embark upon a similar journey.

via Business Technology Roundtable

Cloud Disrupts Legacy Linear Thinking about Business IT

Cloud Computing Software Innovation

Here’s why it’s simply easier, and more enabling for the business, to leapfrog multiple stages of IT change to an entirely new state of competitive capabilities via cloud computing — without losing the necessary IT functionality, inter-connectivity, or data.

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The Ongoing Challenge of Marketing Software Procurement

Marketing Software Technology Adoption

Marketing technology is more important than ever. But to increase spending, marketers and tech professionals must go through a rigorous approval process, and they better be able to prove the value of the buy if they want the final answer to be yes — something easier said than done.

via eMarketer

Portable Computing Market Outlook Remains Flat in 2015

Portable Computing Market

According to the latest market study by ABI Research, total system shipments for portable computing are predicted to reach 165 million units for full-year 2015 — which is essentially flat compared to 2014 levels. “Segment growth is occurring in Chromebooks, much in part due to purchases by schools,” said Jeff Orr.

via Digital Lifescapes

Automotive Industry Prepares for Internet of Things Groundswell

Internet of Things in automotive

The connected vehicle has been the most visible and familiar example of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. But as cars become increasingly software-driven, the real IoT developments in the auto industry are behind the scenes.

via Deloitte

Telecom Service Providers will Spend $5.7 Billion on SDN

open source software-defined networking SDN

As telecommunication providers seek service agility and operational efficiency in their networks to stay competitive, the global market for open source software-defined networking (SDN) hardware, software and professional services is forecast to grow from $103 million in 2014 to $5.7 billion in 2019, according to the latest study by IHS.

via IHS


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