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Why Mobile Payments and Fintech Disrupt eCommerce

Why Mobile Payments and Fintech Disrupt eCommerce

Fintech innovation continues to disrupt the Global Networked Economy. The value of consumer spending on remote payments for digital and physical goods is estimated to have surpassed $3.3 trillion in 2018 — that’s up 10 percent on the 2017 total of $3 trillion.

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8 Key Financial Services Technology Trends


2019 will not be a continuation of the past. But which technology trends will matter most in the months and years ahead? Big data and AI? The cloud? Digital-only banks? The answer is critical because ignoring these trends now will make it more difficult than ever for complacent banks and credit unions to catch up.

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Big Data and AI to Reduce Financial Crime

Big Data and AI to Reduce Financial Crime

“After 18 years of providing risk intelligence data, we now maintain more than 4 million records – and this is an amazing foundation on which to use big data techniques to map connections and spot patterns in the data.”

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Fraud Detection and Prevention Secures Digital Payments

Fraud Detection and Prevention Secures Digital Payments

The digital payments arena is undergoing rapid change, owing to a combination of factors. Transactions are growing rapidly year-on-year as convenience improves, and regulatory changes help to drive adoption. Meanwhile, the scope of different payment types is increasing.

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AI and Fintech Growing Influence on Financial Data in 2019

AI and Fintech Growing Influence on Financial Data in 2019

“From the $300 million spent in 2018 on alternative data to pre-trade transparency to indexing to real-time market data, 2019 will see a hyper-focus on gathering more of the right data, storing it in new ways, analyzing it via machine learning and AI, and acting upon it more systematically than ever before.”

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Online Payment Fraud will Reach $48 Billion by 2023

Online Payment Fraud will Reach $48 Billion by 2023

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, annual online payment fraud losses from eCommerce, airline ticketing, money transfer and banking services will reach $48 billion by 2023 — that’s up from the $22 billion in losses projected for 2018.

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U.S. Banking Investment in Fintech Start-Ups

U.S. Banking Investment in Fintech Start-Ups

U.S. financial services firms are actively investing in fintech startups. In 2018 (YTD 11/21), the top 11 U.S. banks by assets participated in a total of 49 equity rounds to fintech startups. This compares to 19 in 2017 and 33 in 2016.

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