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Digital Wallet Spending Surges in Europe and America

Digital Wallet Spending Surges in Europe and America

Spending via digital wallets across Europe and North America will increase by 40 percent this year to nearly $790 billion, according to Juniper Research. The largest growth in 2019 will come from in-store payments, with mobile contactless payments more than doubling across these regions.

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How Quantum Computing will Impact Data Protection

How Quantum Computing will Impact Data Protection

The race to quantum-safe security is on, but businesses cannot afford to watch from the sidelines. Those that rely on the secure transmission of data, particularly those in the financial sector, should monitor the situation closely and start developing a plan.”

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B2B Cross-Border Transactions to Reach 14.8 Billion

B2B Cross-Border Transactions to Reach 14.8 Billion

A new global market study found that more than 14 billion B2B cross-border transactions will be processed by 2023; rising from 13.5 billion in 2019 — that’s a 7% increase. This will be driven by blockchain-based payment networks.

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Global Fintech and Open Banking Market Outlook


The fintech revolution continues to gather momentum. Global investment in fintech ventures more than doubled from $26.67 billion in 2017 to $55.33 billion in 2018. During the same period, the number of deals rose by 18.5% to 3,251.

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How Financial Services Disruption Created Opportunities

How Financial Services Disruption Created Opportunities

According to Juniper Research, driven by the increasing acceptance of alternative approaches to traditional banking solutions, fintech platform revenues will reach $638 billion by 2024 — that’s up from an estimated $263 billion in 2019.

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Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

Digital Payments Reach $6.7 Trillion in B2B Transactions

According to the latest worldwide market study by Juniper Research, B2B transactions processed by pureplay digital payment operators will reach $14 trillion by 2023 — that’s up from $6.7 trillion in 2018.

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B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

B2B Virtual Cards will Expand Global Online Payments

According to Juniper Research, the annual value of virtual cards (e.g. temporary card numbers only available for a single transaction or limited time) used by businesses will grow by 90 percent over the next four years — exceeding $1 trillion by 2022.

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