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Major Metro Exodus: Exploring the U.S. Migration

Major Metro Exodus: Exploring the U.S. Migration

Across the United States, city-to-city migration patterns have been redefined in recent months. Fresh data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team shows that smaller metro areas are gaining, some famous big cities are slipping, and hints of de-urbanization can be found across the country.

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Why Nobody Will Miss ‘Open Office’ Designs

Why Nobody Will Miss 'Open Office' Designs

“Whatever the future of offices and work looks like, the old ritual of commuting to a central headquarters in which everyone is cheek by jowl with their co-workers, in a sea of desks broken only by monitors and half-height dividers, seems endangered.”

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A Radical Shift in Office Work is Inevitable

A Radical Shift in Office Work is Inevitable

“Should a business pay for a worker’s internet connection or their heating in the dead of winter? Grappling with such questions will not be easy. But governments and firms must seize the moment. The pandemic, for all its ill effects, offers a rare opportunity to rewire the world of work.

The Economist

A Distributed Workforce is Much More Productive

A Distributed Workforce is Much More Productive

If working from home eliminated an hour of commuting, without changing time spent on work, the result would be equivalent to a 13% increase in productivity. If only half the workforce achieved such a gain, it would be equivalent to a 6.5% increase in overall productivity. Just imagine.

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Remote Work Demand Impacts Enterprise Software Apps

Remote Work Demand Impacts Enterprise Software Apps

During the remainder of this year, executive leadership teams will be focused on IT infrastructure that enables the “Future of Work”, hybrid work models, and flexible working methodologies that make it possible for knowledge workers to access essential corporate applications from anywhere.

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Rethinking Work, the Workforce and Workplace

Rethinking Work, the Workforce and Workplace

Can companies leverage the lessons of their COVID-19 crisis response and accelerate the future of work? That has been partly achieved already: the soaring stock market values of Big Tech companies reflects the speed of the pivot to virtual offices. — Now, learn how to rethink and thrive.

World Economic Forum

Digital Workplace: 6 Trends for CIOs and CTOs to Envision

Digital Workplace: 6 Trends for CIOs and CTOs to Envision

The need to improve the digital resiliency of the workforce during and after the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated trends in digital technology — “The pandemic rapidly elevated many digital workspace technologies from nice-to-have to must-have status.”

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