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Business Leaders Demand Improved Cybersecurity

Business Leaders Demand Improved Cybersecurity

“Seventy-seven percent of cybersecurity professionals surveyed say that business managers are pressuring the cybersecurity team to improve threat detection and response.”

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Rising Global Demand for IT Cybersecurity Skills

Rising Global Demand for IT Cybersecurity Skills

In 2018-2019, cybersecurity skills topped the list of IT challenges – 53 percent of survey respondents reported a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills at their organization.  IT architecture planning skills came in second at 38 percent.

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Personal Data Privacy Concerns Multiplied in 2018

Personal Data Privacy Concerns Multiplied in 2018

People are very concerned about the security of their personal data and devices — 77% of U.S. broadband households are very concerned about their online service being hacked; 75% worry about their computer being hacked; and 66% are concerned about their smart TV or streaming media player being compromised.

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Why Public Utilities Invest in Cybersecurity Solutions

Why Public Utilities Invest in Cybersecurity Solutions

The new infrastructure can expand the number of threat vectors, rendering smart utilities vulnerable to cyber attacks. Maintaining resilient electrical power generation and transmission — as well as water distribution and treatment — are key to protecting the public utility environment.

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Cloud Complexity and Cyber Security Drive IT Budgets

Cloud Complexity and Cybersecurity Drive IT Budgets

Of 46 CIOs surveyed about 40% said they expect IT budgets to increase in 2018, that’s up from 29% a year ago. Respondents expect weighted average year-over-year budget growth of 4.2%, that’s up from 1.5% weighted growth.

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Why CISOs Need Cybersecurity and Business Goals

Why CISOs Need Cybersecurity and Business Goals

49 percent of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) believe that their organizations should add cybersecurity goals and metrics for business managers. ESG concurs but says that CISOs should also have business goals.

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Cybersecurity, Data Protection Global Market Analysis

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Global Market Analysis

According to Juniper Research, over 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals in 2023 alone — that’s an increase of 175 percent over the 12 billion records expected to be compromised in 2018, resulting in a cumulative global loss of over 146 billion records.

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