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Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on the Remote Working Trends

Savvy CFOs are Upbeat on Remote Working Trends

“Remote working continues to catch on as a viable alternative to the workplace. More than half of leaders (54%) now say they plan to make remote work a permanent option for roles that allow it, up from 43% in our last survey.”

via PwC

Post-Pandemic: Innovate to Protect, Pivot and Thrive

Post-Pandemic: Innovate to Protect, Pivot and Thrive

“The COVID-19 outbreak has created a period of high stress for individuals and companies alike. It’s also an opportunity to examine current business practices in order to increase long-term operational efficiency and competitiveness, as well as to innovate for the sake of surviving now and thriving later.”

via Harvard

A Distributed Workforce is Much More Productive

A Distributed Workforce is Much More Productive

If working from home eliminated an hour of commuting, without changing time spent on work, the result would be equivalent to a 13% increase in productivity. If only half the workforce achieved such a gain, it would be equivalent to a 6.5% increase in overall productivity. Just imagine.

via World Economic Forum

The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

Innovation is the engine that drives contemporary economies. Living standards are determined by productivity growth, which in turn depends on the introduction and dissemination of new technologies that allow an ever-wider variety of goods and services to be produced with fewer and fewer of our planet’s resources.”

via World Economic Forum

Remote Work: Economic Growth Upside Opportunities

Remote Work: Economic Growth Upside Opportunities

“An overwhelming amount of respondents also say they would like to be allowed to work remotely from the location of their choosing, as well as maintain their current salary. Should they be allowed both, 69% of respondents said they would spend more money on discretionary items.” — Just imagine the upside opportunities for economic growth.

via Nielsen

Future of Work: How to Maintain High Productivity

Future of Work: How to Maintain High Productivity

Savvy leaders are exploring how to restructure and emerge stronger for the next decade. In addition to seeking the ideal business model and operational resilience, companies are focused on sustaining increased productivity via digital transformation.

via World Economic Forum

Robotic Process Automation Fuels Productivity Advances

Robotic Process Automation Fuels Productivity Advances

“In 2016, 51.8% of all internet users were robots. Currently, around 70% of all internet traction is handled by robots.  RPA software gained traction by taking software robots and pointing them at existing applications to mimic human/keyboard interactions and automate repeatable and well-understood processes.”

via IDC

Intelligent Virtual Agent Projects Gain Momentum

Intelligent Virtual Agent Projects Gain Momentum

The global Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) market reached $300-$350 million in 2019, exhibiting about 42% growth year-on-year. Analysts now forecast the IVA market to achieve a 70% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2022.

via Everest Group

Digital Innovation: The Upside and Downside of Agile

Digital Innovation: The Upside and Downside of Agile

Do Agile methodologies promote innovation? Results of a field experiment with Google show that increasing the frequency and goal orientation of stand-up meetings reinforces integration and value but reduces specialization and novelty in outcomes.

via Harvard Business School

Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1 Billion

Cloud-Based Conferencing Revenue will Reach $4.1B

Short audio or video conference meet-ups have replaced the typical 1-hour long mind-numbing in-person meetings that were common at many enterprises prior to the pandemic. Legacy business leaders that were not previously Agile converts have now embraced these online collaboration tools. It’s amazing.

via Digital Lifescapes