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Global Connected Cars Market will Reach 420 Million in 2020

IOT connected car market research

On the market side, according to the latest IDATE forecast, 420 million automobiles will be connected in 2020 — that’s representing a 34% CAGR on the 74 million connected vehicles reported in 2014.

Source: IDATE

How IoT Technology Enables More Sustainable Cities

smart city internet of things market research

Technology will play a critical role in helping cities become more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. Data collected from IoT sensors embedded into city infrastructure, like the sewer systems in Buenos Aires, will help ensure basic services are working.

Source: World Economic Forum

Ongoing Rise of India within the Global Networked Economy

India will overtake the U.S. to have the second-largest population of Internet users after China. Fueled by a boom in smartphone ownership, the number of Indian Internet users will rise to 402 million by December 2015. Meanwhile, China has about 650 million Internet users.

Source: WSJ

Internet of Things will Create Demand for Sustainable Power

internet of things sustainable power source

The Internet of Things (IoT) will run your home, keep you healthy and even check how much food is in your fridge. It will mean a trillion new “smart sensors” being installed around the world by 2020. But what’s going to power these devices?

Source: World Economic Forum

How Crowdfunding will Ignite Tech Start-Up Growth in 2016

technology market predictions 2016

Are you ready for the next wave of technology innovations to create opportunities in the new year, or are you concerned about the potential for a digital disruption to upset your current business model? Who knows what the future will bring? Industry analysts, that’s who.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How Global Smart Energy Revenue will Reach $20.9 Billion

smart energy market research

As national governments release their plans to decrease carbon dependency and adapt to the ongoing challenges of climate change, regional and local energy policies represent one of the most effective vehicles for achieving these new goals.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Global Retail Applications for RFID will Grow by 40 Percent

Retail RFID apps market research

Worldwide market for retailer RFID technology applications will generate $4 billion in revenue between 2015 and 2019. The Americas region dominates the RFID market for retail apps, and constitutes close to 51% of the total revenue contribution to this rapidly evolving market.

Source: Technavio


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