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How Smart IoT Gateways will Transform Security

Smart IoT Gateways will Transform Security

A multitude of new devices have been connected to the Internet already this year, and many more will connect in the coming weeks and months. That said, the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway has become an important link in the IoT security and device authentication value chain.

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Explore the Digital Platform to Fight COVID-19

Explore the Digital Platform to Fight COVID-19

“In recent weeks, UpLink – a digital platform for surfacing and scaling innovations that could solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges – has been sourcing solutions that address the immediate impacts of the pandemic and its long-term consequences, which are much needed but yet often remain unidentified and unsupported.”

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How to Redesign Education in The Post-Pandemic World

“As schools reopen, teachers and administrators alike are looking at ways to redesign the education experience amid COVID-19. We dive into what the tech-enabled education of the future could look like.”

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Gains Momentum

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Gains Momentum

“Our latest survey shows that enterprise intelligence technology solutions such as data management, analytics, machine learning and AI technologies are considered significantly (24%) or very helpful (33%) by manufacturers in EMEA when it comes to achieving business resiliency.”

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Digital Growth: How to Scale Innovation Strategies


“Our experience with dozens of companies launching businesses is that more than 60 percent of scaling efforts can succeed. This significant improvement in the rate of success should be welcome news for large incumbents looking for new growth in the facet of unprecedented economic hardships.”

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Top 3 Factors for Business Automation Success

Top 3 Factors for Business Automation Success

“Looking at respondents from larger companies that are meeting their automation targets, we found three distinguishing factors: they make automation a strategic priority, focus on people as much as technology, and develop an operating model that enables scaling.”

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5 Trends: Why Digital Advertising Disruption is Imminent

5 Trends: Why Digital Advertising Disruption is Imminent

This report reveals five technologies that will have the greatest impact on marketers’ ability to respond and adapt to emerging trends. These include advanced supply-side bidding, ad blocking, identity resolution, brand safety, and ad verification and viewability.

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The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

The Public Sector Role in Enabling Digital Growth

Innovation is the engine that drives contemporary economies. Living standards are determined by productivity growth, which in turn depends on the introduction and dissemination of new technologies that allow an ever-wider variety of goods and services to be produced with fewer and fewer of our planet’s resources.”

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Remote Work: Economic Growth Upside Opportunities

Remote Work: Economic Growth Upside Opportunities

“An overwhelming amount of respondents also say they would like to be allowed to work remotely from the location of their choosing, as well as maintain their current salary. Should they be allowed both, 69% of respondents said they would spend more money on discretionary items.” — Just imagine the upside opportunities for economic growth.

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Why COVID-19 Will Accelerate Digital Business Growth

Why COVID-19 Will Accelerate Digital Business Growth

Technology, Media and Telecommunication (TMT) — industries that as a whole touch nearly a third of U.S. GDP — have largely stepped in to fill the void caused by social distancing, allowing us to stay connected, shop from home and keep businesses operating.

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