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The Risks and Rewards of Global Supply Chains


Now supply chain disruptions are regular occurrences across the globe. Averaging across industries, companies can expect supply chain disruptions lasting a month or longer to occur every 3.7 years, and the most severe events take a major financial toll.

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Why Upskill Initiatives Gained Momentum in 2020

Why Upskill Initiatives Gained Momentum in 2020

“Recent studies show that nearly 30% of employees feel their skills will be redundant within the next two years. Nearly 50% of those in Gen-Y and Gen-Z think their skills will be irrelevant in the next four to five years.”

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Network Equipment Services Market will Reach $46 Billion

Network Equipment Services Market will Reach $46 Billion

The network equipment services market reversed direction in 2019, due to positive developments with Network Rollout Services and Consulting Services offsetting reduced demand for Managed Services.  According to the latest study, the market is forecast to reach $46 billion in 2024.

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Why the C-Suite is Focused on Digital-First Growth

Why the C-Suite is Focused on Digital-First Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic is a watershed moment for the digital transformation of business; Updating business models for a digital-first world, led by purpose, is now an imperative for almost every company; New and creative digital collaborations can reach and serve a more diverse set of people at unprecedented speed and scale.

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Healthcare Tech that Addresses the Greatest Unmet Needs

Healthcare Tech that Addresses the Greatest Unmet Needs

“Identifying and sizing the potential scope of innovations now in the pipeline is inherently difficult, but we estimate that these technologies could reduce the burden of disease by a further 6 to 10 percent, assuming aspirational yet realistic adoption rates by 2040 — on top of the 40 percent from known interventions.”

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How Open Banking Enables Competitive Differentiation

How Open Banking Enables Competitive Differentiation

“Open banking IT service providers can help banks build the capabilities they desire. To do so, they are investing in business advisory assets to help financial services firms plug the gaps in their business change management initiatives. They are also investing in Fintech partnerships, talent and solutions.”

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IoT Business Model Development Lessons Learned

IoT Business Model Development Lessons Learned

Developing an IoT business model and commercializing the solution is not simple but it can be a game-changer.  In fact, 61% of new study participants claim that it allowed their company to achieve a competitive advantage compared to their competition.

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Ranking The World’s Top 8 Supercomputers in 2020

Ranking The World's Top 8 Supercomputers in 2020

“Japanese supercomputer Fugaku zipped past all competitors to claim the top spot in the twice-annual ranking of the world’s most powerful computational machines released by research project Top500.”

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Top 7 Sales Channel Partner Software Categories in B2B IT

Top 7 Sales Channel Partner Software Categories in B2B IT

“Delivering automation of indirect sales processes, workflows and partner programs, channel software is becoming increasingly critical to a brands’ ability to win, serve, and retain its customers and partners. It’s a fast-growing market, with 59% of companies increasing spending across the stack.”

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Nine Ways to Accelerate Digital Growth Strategies

Nine Ways to Accelerate Digital Growth Strategies

Because of the pandemic, leadership teams have embraced technology and data, reinventing core processes and adopting new collaboration tools. Technology and people interacting in new ways is at the heart of the new operating model for business — and of creating an effective post-pandemic organization.

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