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How AI Drives the Development of Self-Driving Vehicles

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Globally, the U.S. and China are ahead in the self-driving race. Germany and Japan, despite being famous for their autos, are behind. “The key difference is AI,” said Tony Han, co-founder of China-based autonomous vehicle company JingChi. “China and the U.S. are leading in AI.”

Source: Knowledge at Wharton

How Digital Transformation will Advance China’s Economy

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The global networked economy thrives on new ideas and innovation. Across the globe, more nations are making technology-centered strategies the focal point of their economic development. Amid ongoing digital transformation, the world is entering the era of the digital economy, a trend that is very evident in China.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

How Wearable Technology Transforms In-Store Retail

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ABI Research forecasts enterprise retail wearable shipments will reach nearly 10 million in 2022, increasing from just 2 million in 2017 — that’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38 percent.

Source: Digital Lifescapes

Why Economic Growth is No Longer Enough


Advanced technologies, particularly advanced computing and robotics, have enabled productivity gains to occur without a corresponding increase in wages. The greater wealth generated by higher productivity goes instead to the owners of these technologies.

Source: Project Syndicate

Corporate Innovation: Next Chapter of Digital Transformation

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Right now, 46% of companies are investing in innovation initiatives to more effectively compete in a digital economy. Moreover, 36.9% are proactively investing in innovation programs to fight disruption.

Source: TheNextWeb

Exploring Blockchain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The intersection of newer financial tools and technology is creating an enormous impact that can help unleash a sustainable development revolution. How can a new fintech-based initiative connect with this sweet spot?

Source: World Economic Forum

How The Netherlands Invents the Future of Transportation

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“All over the world, the way people get around is changing quickly. However, it’s possible that there’s no greater hub for developing the future of transportation technology than the Netherlands.”

Source: Futurism