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M2M Market in China will Enable more Internet of Things Apps

Growth of Mobile Network Infrastructure Accelerating Growth Prospects in the M2M Market in China: Technavio Report

The current M2M penetration rate in China is 29%, which is the highest across the world and can be attributed to initiatives undertaken by the government. The M2M market in China is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 26.20% from 2014 to 2019.

via Technavio

How the Mobile Industry Fuels Growth in the Global Economy

mobile telecom industry

In 2014, it was estimated that the mobile technology industry directly employed approximately 12.8 million people globally and 11.8 million people indirectly, bringing the total impact to just under 25 million jobs.

via World Economic Forum

Exploring the Evolutionary Path to 5G Mobile Communications

5G mobile internet

Examples of the early path to 5G include an April 23, 2015 demonstration by Hong Kong Telecom of the world’s first IP-RAN-based LTE Advanced system offering 450 Mbps. This advanced 4G service will be deployed in 2016, followed by the planned 1 Gbps service. The 5G service will follow, offering 10 Gbps, based on massive MIMO and massive Carrier Aggregation.

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Ranking the Top 15 Internet of Things Cities in the World

Internet of Things

The San Francisco bay area is the technology motor of the world. And it will continue to do so as the Internet of Things industry matures. Today, the area counts already more than 300 headquarters of companies that are active in the Internet of Things.

via IoT Analytics 

Mobile Games Revenue will Reach $45 Billion by 2018

Digi-Capital forecasts that games software revenue will grow from $88 billion in 2015 to $110 billion by 2018 at 8% annual growth. Mobile games will generate more revenue than online games in 2015, as well as more revenue than console software.

via Digi-Capital

Why Cyber Security Public Policy is a Global Community Issue

internet security public policy

Responding to twenty-first-century threats with twentieth-century tools is a bad idea. By 2020, two-thirds of the global population will be online. The world needs a fluid and frank dialogue among states, the private sector, and civil society in order to guarantee the security of cyberspace.

via World Economic Forum

Technology, Media and Telecom Market – Deal Update Q1 2015

Technology, Media and Telecom - GeoActive Group

Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) mergers and acquisitions deals are off to a slow start this year. Market activity so far in 2015 was not able to match the performance of 2014. Case in point: the 612 M&A deals worth $144.3 billion in Q1 2015 were a 20.5 percent decrease by value.

via Digital Lifescapes


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