How Global B2C eCommerce will Reach $2.356 Trillion in Sales

Global Business-to-Consumer (B2C) online sales will reach $1.471 trillion in 2014 — increasing nearly 20% over 2013 — according to eMarketer. As internet usage continues to mature, eCommerce growth will slow over time, settling around 10%.

However, with sales reaching $2.356 trillion in 2018, a 10% growth rate still represents more than $200 billion.

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Cloud Video Games Market will Reach $1 Billion in Revenue

According to findings from the latest market study by Juniper Research, global revenues from PC and console video games will decline from $46.5 billion this year to $41 billion by 2019.

The Juniper study highlights that the cloud games market will reach $1 billion in revenues.

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Cloud Enables a Big Competitive Advantage for Savvy UK Firms

Recovery from the financial crisis in Europe continues across the whole region. Granted, there are structural reasons for the eurozone economy’s slow recovery. Regardless, savvy senior executives in leading nations are actively seeks ways to grow their business.

For some that means a shift to cloud computing services — thereby lowering operational costs and boosting productivity.

via Business Technology Roundtable

Mobile Internet Mergers and Acquisitions will Exceed $47B

Digi-Capital forecasts mobile internet will grow greater than 3 times to $700 billion by 2017 –¬†driven by mCommerce >$500 billion, consumer apps >$70 billion, enterprise mobility >$50 billion and mobile web advertising >$40 billion.

Mobile internet growth has recorded deals of more than $47 billion in M&A and $14 billion investment.

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Marketers are Spending More to Discover New Perspectives

Marketers continued to spend more on data-driven marketing in Q1 2014, according to research.  Forty percent of U.S. marketers said they increased spending on data-driven marketing in the first quarter of 2014, compared with 38.4% who said the same in Q4 2013.

42% of client-side marketers worldwide said their organization was ahead of the growth curve.

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Exploding Chromebook Adoption will Grow by 56 Percent in 2014

An estimated 5.1 million Ultraportable PCs shipped in Q1 2014, experiencing approximately 65 percent growth in total shipments year-over-year, according to the latest market study by ABI Research.

Moreover, ultraportable shipments are forecast to continue expanding globally.

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SDN and NFV – a Quantum Leap within the Networking Industry

Open technologies serving as the foundation for SDN and NFV represent the biggest shift in networking in 20 years – creating at least another $20 Billion in value with the opportunity to create more than $50 Billion.

There have already been $3 Billion in start-up exits in the SDN space — with more anticipated.

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