How UK Mobile Retail Traffic Overtook the Desktop in 2014

The UK is a nation of digital shoppers. eMarketer estimates that retail eCommerce in the UK accounts for a larger proportion of total retail sales than in any other country tracked. And mobile is becoming an increasingly important element of the eCommerce equation. Mobile retail commerce is split into smartphone and tablet related online shopping.

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Car Telematics Subscribers to Reach 158.9 Million by 2020

Telematics is a broad term that may be applied to a wide range of connected services in the automotive industry. The basic definition of automobile telematics is an automatic system designed for passenger cars that incorporates some form of cellular communication. The drivers behind adoption of telematics systems among car manufacturers are both commercial and regulatory.

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How to Overcome the Cloud-Savvy IT Talent Shortage

According to the findings from a recent market study by International Data Corporation (IDC), European IT departments still need to make significant improvements before they have fully embraced cloud architectures and transformed themselves into hybrid cloud service providers.

56 percent of European IT departments cannot find qualified staff to effectively support cloud projects.

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More Internet Users in Denmark adopt Music Streaming Services

There’s no denying it – music has gone digital in Denmark. According to recent market data, digital accounted for 82% of total music revenues in the country during the first half of 2014. The key driver of this huge share is streaming services. The format accounted for 63% of music company revenues from recorded music in Denmark.

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Global OpenStack Market to Reach $3.3 Billion by 2018


The OpenStack technology market, which is still in the early-adopter stage of market development, will grow from an estimated $883 million in revenue during 2014 to reach $3.3 billion by 2018, as vendors increasingly adopt the open-source platform for developing their applications and enterprises deploy the infrastructure for hybrid cloud services.

That accelerating OpenStack adoption represents a CAGR of 40 percent for the six years ending in 2018.

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Smart Card Shipments to Reach 10.9 Billion Units by 2019

Global unit shipments of smart cards are expected to rise by 2.1 billion from 2014 through 2019 — that’s about equal to the combined populations of China, the United States, Indonesia and Brazil, according to IHS.  Smart card shipments in 2019 will rise to reach 10.9 billion units, that’s up from 8.8 billion in 2014.

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Next Phase of Cloud-Ready Infrastructure and Virtualization

New study shows that the majority of large and midsize enterprises have reached sufficient levels of Virtualization — and have moved on to the automation, orchestration and private cloud phases. While 32% of entertprises continue to work on virtualization, 54% have entered the next phases in the evolution of cloud-ready internal infrastructure.

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