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Why More CEOs are Focused on Digital Skills

Why More CEOs are Focused on Digital Skills

“93 percent of CEOs who had introduced upskilling programs said these programs increased productivity — they also helped attract and retain talent and helped deliver a resilient workforce. However, only 18 percent of CEOs who took the survey said they had invested in upskilling.”

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Corporate Board Leadership: 6 Key Recovery Themes

Corporate Board Leadership: 6 Key Recovery Themes

“Risk and oversight have been brought into sharp focus in this increasingly uncertain world, as leaders protect liquidity while considering the implications of difficult decisions and trade-offs on achieving this. Nine out of 10 surveyed think the pandemic will change how organizations balance risk and resilience.”

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Post-Pandemic: Innovate to Protect, Pivot and Thrive

Post-Pandemic: Innovate to Protect, Pivot and Thrive

“The COVID-19 outbreak has created a period of high stress for individuals and companies alike. It’s also an opportunity to examine current business practices in order to increase long-term operational efficiency and competitiveness, as well as to innovate for the sake of surviving now and thriving later.”

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Remote Work Demand Impacts Enterprise Software Apps

Remote Work Demand Impacts Enterprise Software Apps

During the remainder of this year, executive leadership teams will be focused on IT infrastructure that enables the “Future of Work”, hybrid work models, and flexible working methodologies that make it possible for knowledge workers to access essential corporate applications from anywhere.

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More Americans Resist a Return to Corp Offices

More Americans Resist a Return to Offices

“Many businesses hoped to reopen their workplaces after Labor Day, but a new survey of managers and executives suggests a long, uncertain road ahead. 35 percent say the timing of when their companies will reopen the workplace is unknown.”

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New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

New Abnormal: The COVID-19 Trilemma Tradeoffs

“While employers received mixed reviews on their handling of the pandemic, one thing they could do that would appeal to most employees is offer continuing options to work from home. Of those currently working remotely, 80 percent indicate they would like to continue to work away from the office at least occasionally, while 58 percent would like this to be their primary way of working.”


Future of Work: Agile Growth Culture in 4 Lessons

Future of Work: Agile Growth Culture in 4 Lessons

“Shifting a culture requires dedicated effort. Unfortunately, many organizations on this journey struggle to articulate their aspired ‘agile culture’ and bring it to life. This article demystifies culture change in an agile world through four practical lessons drawn from real-life success stories from around the world.”

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What CEOs Didn’t Talk About During the Pandemic

What CEOs Didn't Talk About During the Pandemic

“There is a widespread belief that COVID-19 is accelerating legacy software applications and other enterprise workloads moving to the cloud. Our keyword analysis, however, does not show a meaningful increase in CEOs that discussed the topic throughout Q2 2020.”

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Why Savvy CEOs and CFOs will Reconsider Marketing Budgets

Why Savvy CEOs and CFOs will Reconsider Marketing Budgets

More than 44% of Chief Marketing Officers report midyear budget cuts due to the economic impact of the pandemic. And yet, 73% expect the negative impact of COVID-19 to be short-lived. This optimism, however, is not shared by all members of the C-suite.

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Why CEOs Expedite Their Digital Transformation

Why CEOs Expedite Their Digital Transformation

“The move to digital is clearly gaining more attention and investment from the C-suite. 77% of CEOs say their company’s digital transformation was significantly accelerated during the crisis. 40% are already spending more on IT infrastructure or platforms. That expense was second only to workplace safety spending, which has majorly increased at 50% of companies.”

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