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Chief Information Officer Predictions for 2019

Chief Information Officer Predictions for 2019

“The CIO will have their best-ever opportunity to partner with the CEO and the board. The reality is that most executive teams still lack qualified digital expertise at the leadership level. This is hampering strategic decision making across the enterprise.”

via Constellation Research

How CEOs Apply Digital Reinvention to Fuel Growth

How CEOs Apply Digital Reinvention to Fuel Growth

Now more than ever, CEOs and their leadership teams must counter the threat of digital disruption. Within the evolving global economy, debate and analysis about business technology adoption must result in purposeful action. Even the trailing organizations are prepared to learn something actionable from their trailblazer peers.

via Business Technology Roundtable

How Savvy CEOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

How Savvy CEOs Create a Digital Growth Engine

Most business leaders understand the need to change, but making it happen is easier said than done. In our experience, those leaders who are most successful at driving growth in their organizations are deliberate and disciplined in the way they do it.”

via McKinsey

CEO Talent Development for the Future Digital Economy


What do ‘CEO Academy’ companies do that enables them to develop such a strong pipeline of future leaders? First, they understand ‘The Value of People’; second, they look ‘Outside and Inside’ for advice and best practices; and third, they maintain a strong ‘Focus on the Future’.

via World Economic Forum

Real Thought Leadership Requires Leading Thoughts

Real Thought Leadership Requires Leading Thoughts

“To become a truly differentiated bellwether in your market sector, start by raising the bar of expectations for your leadership team. Envision a ‘movement’ that you can passionately lead in the marketplace — as the recognized #1 or #2 influencer.”

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Digital Talent Gap Creates Big Dilemma for CEOs

Digital Talent Gap Creates Big Dilemma for CEOs

Talent challenges create real hardship — hampering innovation and delaying implementation of critical projects, according to survey findings. Enterprises rank the difficulty of finding, retaining, upskilling and reskilling talent among the three most pressing issues they will face in 2019.

via Everest Group

The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

“Our experience working within hundreds of C-suites and boardrooms around the world has shown us that traditional approaches to senior leader assessment and development often fall short for two distinct reasons.”

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