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The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

The Four X-Factors of Exceptional Leaders

“Our experience working within hundreds of C-suites and boardrooms around the world has shown us that traditional approaches to senior leader assessment and development often fall short for two distinct reasons.”

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Incumbents Strike Back: The C-Suite Study

Incumbents Strike Back: The C-suite Study

Digital transformation is affecting your business. But it’s not a heart-stopping shakeup. It’s an eye-opening opportunity. Find new paths to Digital Reinvention in the 19th edition of the IBM Global C-suite Study.

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Davos 2018: Global Economic Growth Will Improve

Davos 2018: Global Economic Growth will Improve

Technology is affecting businesses in varied and complex ways. As we continue to hurtle through the digital age, business strategies for technology are in flux, and the numbers show that.

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Learn How to Lead a Purpose-Driven Organization

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“So, what do purpose-driven leaders look like? The best way to understand a concept is with some real and tangible examples, so let me share a few examples of business leaders who I happen to know personally who exemplify these traits.”

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How C-Suite Partners Align for Digital Transformation


“65 percent of businesses told IDC that they now have a digital leadership team. On average, there are four C-suite executives on the team and 43 percent said that the CEO is the primary leader.”

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How to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Attack


Executives tend to relegate cybersecurity to the IT department. That is a mistake, because cyber incidents affect the entire organization. We should conduct regular cybersecurity drills, as we do fire and safety drills. That’s where tabletop exercises can play a big role.

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Why CEOs Must Champion Corporate Cybersecurity


It’s time to re-examine the way we think about and what we expect from organizations impacted by cybersecurity breaches. A frank conversation on the responsibilities of company leadership with regard to cybersecurity, for both the C-Suite and the board, is long overdue.

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