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Skills Gap Analysis: How to Win the Race for Talent


“In a 2019 Gartner survey, only 40% of HR leaders reported their workforce planning activities were effective at aligning talent needs with business objectives, and only 41% said they’re good at analyzing internal labor markets.”

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Future of Work: The 4 Big Workplace Challenges

Future of Work: The 4 Big Workplace Challenges

“Traditional work models aren’t nimble enough, adaptive, nor scalable. In the new work experience, human workers operate side by side with “digital coworkers,” enabling human workers to focus on higher-value activities.”

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Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

Shaping Brand Sentiment in a Saturated Media Landscape

“As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, this unintended consequence of the digital content economy is entering its next phase. We are now in the era of attention saturation, where every new consumption minute gained comes at the cost of consumption time elsewhere.”

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How Automation Transforms Middle Management

How Automation Transforms Middle Management

“Gartner research shows that nearly 70% of what a manager currently does will be automated by 2024. These changes will cause organizations to decrease the number of managers they have and increase the span of the typical manager.”

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How AI will Improve Talent Management in 2020

How AI will Improve Talent Management in 2020

According to a study, 73% of U.S. CEOs and CHROs plan to use more AI in the next three years to improve talent management. U.S.-based enterprises’ adoption of AI for recruitment soared in the last year, jumping from 22% in 2018 to 47% this year.

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How Tech Clusters Impact Economic Development

How Tech Clusters Impact Economic Development

Tech clusters like Silicon Valley play a central role in modern innovation, business competitiveness, and economic performance. What constitutes a tech cluster, how do they function internally, and can policymakers purposefully foster them?

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The Ongoing Quest for Digital Creative Talent in 2020

Ongoing Quest for Digital Creative Talent in 2020

A new study finds 86% of marketing managers report challenges with recruiting talent — 67% anticipate expanding their team in the first half of 2020. And, 69% of employers plan to increase the number of freelancers they use — a 7-point jump from six months ago.

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