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Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

Common Traits of the Best Digital Leaders

In a continually changing competitive environment, leaders constantly face new challenges and must adapt both the organization and their leadership style to this new environment. Successfully meeting these challenges requires new skills and capabilities that leaders have not needed in the past.

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Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

Ranking the World’s Most Innovative Countries

This is the first time in the history of the GII that the same countries are in the Top 10 for two years running. Switzerland (1) remains on top for the 8th year in a row, with considerably improved R&D expenditures continuing to feed its dominance. The Netherlands (2) excels in business sophistication and online creativity.


Outlook for 5G Wireless Security Developer Demand

Outlook for 5G Wireless Security Developer Demand

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5G technology could trigger, by 2026, a more than 30 percent rise in demand for application developers and similar increases in demand for skilled and experienced cybersecurity analysts.

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Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Digital Dexterity: Exploring the New Ways of Work

Only 7 to 18 percent of organizations possess the ‘digital dexterity’ to adopt New Ways of Work (NWOW) solutions — such as virtual collaboration and a mobile workplace. Furthermore, it’s already apparent that forcing employees to accept rigid and inflexible workplace mandates are a recipe for poor performance.

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Why More Enterprises Must Seek New IT Talent

Why Enterprises Must Seek New IT Talent

More than 54 percent of enterprises aspiring to digitally transform blame their slow-moving efforts on the constraints of legacy systems. A key, but too often disregarded, component of those legacy systems is the architecture of enterprise software, according to Everest Group.

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2018 Open Source Technology Jobs Report

2018 Open Source Technology Jobs Report

The need for Open Source Technology skills are on the rise and companies and organizations continue to increase their recruitment of open source technology talent, while offering additional training and certification opportunities for existing staff in order to fill skills gaps.

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Charting a Course for Next-Generation Business Leaders

Charting a Course for Next-Generation Business Leaders

At a time when companies are competing to become the most sought-after digital platforms, outside-the-box-thinking and creativity become bankable advantages. More recently still, businesses are discovering the very real risks of not keeping pace with evolving societal conversations.

via The Aspen Institute