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Digital Trust: Why Enterprise IT Compliance Matters

Digital Trust: Why Enterprise IT Compliance Matters

Twenty-nine percent of employees observed at least one compliance violation at work in 2016 or 2017, according to the latest worldwide market study by Gartner. The survey, which sampled more than 5,000 employees at all levels, found that these workers are twice as likely to leave their organization.

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A Technology Factory for Digital Transformation

A Technology Factory for Digital Transformation

“An essential component of achieving scale in a technology-enabled transformation is having sufficient in-house technology expertise and talent. One proven model for building a technology bench is the “technology factory.” Such a factory is wholly at the service of the business and governed by the business.”

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How Digital Skill Evolves Human Capital Demand

How Digital Skill Evolves Human Capital Demand

The demand for human (digital) skills is not in decline. There is a net positive outlook for jobs despite significant job disruption, and human skills, as well as jobs with distinctly human traits, are still in demand.

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Design Thinking Innovation Empowers Digital Revolution

Design Thinking Innovation Empowers Digital Revolution

Some companies, like IBM in our study, have realized that it is part of their job to support the discovery process at their clients in order to create a market for novel IoT and AI-based products they offer. This is different from selling a finished product – it is more akin to sharing a vision, backed up by plenty of examples.

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Top 10 Infrastructure and Enterprise Cloud Services

Top 10 Infrastructure and Enterprise Cloud Services

The IT services world will be a very different place in a couple of years as boutique firms offering niche skills come into the fore. Not to mention the emergence of crowdsourcing for IT talent. Having really savvy IT leaders who can cobble together crack teams on-tap to solve their IT headaches is already becoming a huge differentiator for many firms.

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The Compelling Business Case for Curiosity

The Compelling Business Case for Curiosity

In the survey of more than 3,000 employees, 92 percent credited curious people with bringing new ideas into teams and organizations and viewed curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction, motivation, innovation, and high performance. Yet executives’ actions often tell a different story.

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Enterprise AI and Machine Learning Solutions in Action

Enterprise AI and Machine Learning Solutions in Action

According to 451 Research, new survey results suggest most organizations are adopting or considering artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) due to its commercial growth benefits, rather than the potential to cut jobs.

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