Why FTTH is about Advancing Economic Development

I believe that FTTH is going to be a compelling catalyst for tech start-up cluster development in the 21st Century. We only need to look at places like Kansas City and Chattanooga to realize that more savvy entrepreneurs will choose to relocate their emerging business to gain access to these gigabit super-fast broadband networks.

That being said, perhaps the key question is: how is the lack of world-class communication infrastructure depressing economic growth across the rest of the nation?

When will all American entrepreneurs in large metro areas have access to a globally competitive super-fast broadband service?

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2 responses to “Why FTTH is about Advancing Economic Development”

  1. an3tnet says :

    If the independent 4g owners in rural america would look to partner with FirstNet they could build a sustainable businesses model with electric coops and other critical infrastructure network consumers.

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